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Tarot for Creatives 20th to 26th December 2021

Tarot for Creatives Dec 20th to 26th 2021
Strength, 8 of Swords, 4 of Swords

Hello, my creative friends!

The holidays are almost here. It’s been a crazy few weeks at my end with tying up projects before year end, gift shopping (ew, the crowds) and lots of tarot readings! For those who follow me on Instagram, there’s a discount on the Your Date with Destiny spread still running for December. This 12-card reading for the year ahead has proved so popular I’m extending it into January via the website too. Check out the Services page for info.

For many of us, as the holidays approach, our days promise not to be as merry and bright as the carols might hope. Stress and anxiety can soar for many reasons, including changes in routine, family gatherings, and the overall pressure demanded by the season.

This week, the #tarotforcreatives reading looks at the energies we should embrace and avoid, along with how we can care for ourselves in the days ahead.

What energy should I embrace this holiday season?

Strength is the card of inner power and the human spirit, the very juice we need to navigate the holiday season! This Major Arcana embodies patience and courage. Armed with maturity and composure, we can tame any beast. Strength represents compassion too, so in moments of turmoil or conflict, we should strive to see all points of view. Tolerance will serve us well. Overall, the message from strength is for us to have patience, with both ourselves and others.

"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears." - Barbara Johnson.

What energy should I strive to avoid?

The 8 of Swords represents a victim mentality, where we feel trapped by events seemingly out of our control. Here’s where mind over matter comes into play. If we listen to our thoughts in these situations, we’ll most likely hear negative comments such as ‘I can’t, I’m unable to, why can’t I ever?’ But the message here is that we do have the ability to free ourselves. Swords are the cards of intellect and communication, so it’s our thought processes binding us as opposed to a physical force. Stick with the more empowering thoughts of ‘I can, I am able, and I will! Set these in place and banish the ones that have you thinking you’re stuck in something out of which you can’t escape.

What self-care should I consider?

The 4 of Swords is the card of rest and recuperation, but also of staying silent and still. Really, this card summarises the concept of a time-out, where we find space to be alone. Passivity plays a part too, especially in moments of conflict, where the advice says don’t engage. Easier said than done for many, but there’s a lot to be said for counting to ten. And maybe twenty if necessary. Time alone is the main message here, however. Try your best to to carve out moments for yourself during the holidays. Get out of the house, take a walk, enjoy a coffee by yourself, grab a book, a notebook, your laptop; anything that will allow you to retreat in peace and find a happy place with your thoughts. You can even just hang up your swords and take a nap like the knight.

Overall, I feel Strength is our go-to energy for the upcoming weeks. By embracing patience, tolerance, and compassion, we can calmly navigate any choppy waters. But don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! If necessary, remove yourself from situations that cause anxiety. Carve out time just for yourself, every day if required.

So, that’s it from me for 2021. Thank you to everyone who has supported my Tarot for Creatives readings throughout the year with comments and likes. Thanks also to those who entrusted me with reading their cards, and for embracing the guidance they offered. It was a pleasure to work with so many new clients, and I thoroughly enjoyed sprinkling a little tarot magick into your lives.

I wish each and every one of my creative friends a calm, relaxing, and safe holiday season. I’m taking a wee break, but will be back in the New Year, rejuvenated and ready to face 2022!

Deck: Tarot Illuminati (Lo Scarabeo) Illustrated by Erik C Dunne.


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