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Tarot for Creatives December 12th to 18th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

We’re having exceptionally cold weather here in Ireland right now. Today, freezing fog has blanketed the land, and although it’s bitterly cold, it makes for such pretty scenery. I braved the icy temperatures to take a few photos and my fingers and toes are now numb. Worth it, though! The spider webs laced in glitter are so beautiful!

Tarot cards with crystals and a salt lamp
The Fool. The Lovers, Page of Pentacles. Deck: Neo Rider Tarot

With a need for all things warm and cosy, this week’s spread is the Fire spread which examines what to Ignite, Nurture, and Douse.

The Fool asks for us to ignite our sense of adventure and joy as we head into a new week. Take a leap of faith with creative endeavours. Try something new—a process, a medium, a direction—and see where it takes you. Although striking out on a new adventure might the last thing you want to do at this time of year, the shake up might be just what you need. If an aspect of your life feels stagnant, consider applying the Fool energy of new beginnings to ignite a spark of inspiration. Whatever leap you take, the Universe has your back!

Never get too busy making a living you forget to nurture a

beautiful relationship.

The Lovers call for nurturing of our relationships and our moral values. This card asks us to reflect on our connections, and to examine who and what has our attention right now. Ask yourself if they, or the situation, deserve it, and consider what or who is being neglected in its place. While the Lovers are traditionally associated with passion and love, the deeper aspect of this card reminds us of the foundation upon which we build those relationships; our values and belief systems. Are they in need of nurturing? When life gets so busy and we move from one task or event to the next, we can lose sight of these values and the importance of sustaining our human connections. Take a moment this week to look at your most precious relationships and make a conscious decision to give them a little nurturing.

Forget the material and focus on the emotional!

Manifestation of a financial opportunity or a job is the message of the Page of Pentacles. Appearing in the Douse position, it suggests the time is not ripe to chase this goal. With the Fool and the Lovers at the Page’s rear, the indication is that other aspects of your life are more deserving of your attention and devotion right now. The Page is a steadfast, focused energy, but the Fool wants a dash of frivolity—for you to throw your typical caution to the wind and shift into a different direction. Considering the messages from the first two cards, the Page needs to set down his pentacle and look to his rear. With his focus on material pursuits, he’s neglecting to see the area of his life deserving real attention. Shift your energy to manifest emotional instead of material gains this week.

Two major arcana bring a powerful message of adventure and nurturing this week. Will you brave taking a chance on something new?

Deck: The Neo Rider Tarot Collection: Moonlight edition

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A few pics that I braved frostbite for earlier this morning!


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