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Creative blocks? 


A new life chapter?


Seized by doubt?


Are you ready for expansion and enrichment? A generous serving of clarity, served up with useful advice, practical exercises and custom-made rituals are what you’ll feast on when you book a reading with me. I’ll deliver your piping hot reading and personalised side-orders* to your inbox in PDF format along with a picture of your cards.

For details on the process, clickety click right here or you can reach me at

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The Quick ‘n Dirty: €19

Slam it out on the kitchen table. A three card reading to identify and banish that pesky dilemma ruining your day. No starter, sides, or dessert, just a true wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, tarot style.

*personalised rituals not included with this reading.

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The Dig Out: €47

Wedged in a tight spot? The Dig Out is a six card reading for when you’ve dug yourself into a hole and need a helping hand to clamber out. I’ll examine what got you in that mucky hole in the first place, haul you out, brush you down, and get you back on your merry way with a personalised map. Dry cleaning not included.

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The I Got Your Back: €67

Starting a fresh chapter in your career, launching a creative venture or taking on self-development? This focused five card goal-setting spread will get you up and running with your new venture. I’ll provide you with a framework to get started, followed by a check-in at an agreed future date where progress will be examined and speed wobbles corrected with a further three card reading. Ideal for those who need to be held accountable and may require a friendly kick up the ass to keep them on the straight and narrow.

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The Nitty Gritty: €77

A ten card reading to dive into the depths of your situation. Using the classic Celtic Cross, this spread examines past, present, and future themes, the impact they’re having right now, and a potential outcome for your situation. Included are practical exercises and a personalised ritual based on the most important aspects of your reading. We’ll need scuba gear for this one!

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Your Date with Destiny: July Special €75

Normally €85

Whether it’s your birthday, an anniversary or the start of a new year, Your Date with Destiny takes you on a twelve-card journey into the year ahead. Delving into themes that include your past year, aspirations for the year ahead, relationships and emotions, career, work and finances, health, well-being, inner-fulfilment and more, you’ll get an incisive overview of what to expect in the next twelve months. You'll also receive the lowdown on your personal Tarot Birth Cards!

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Emergency! 24 hour response! €37

Desperately seeking an immediate answer? This three card reading will be dispatched within 24 hours, soothing your woes with clarity and guidance.

*personalised rituals not included with this reading.

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Majors Only: €67

Not for the faint-hearted. This dynamic seven card spread using only the Major Arcana hits hard. Expect guidance that comes on strong as life lessons are laid bare. With lots to take away, this reading is ideal for those who aren’t afraid to explore the heavy stuff and are ready to navigate the outcome with personalised journaling prompts and a ritual to support inner-work.

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Stuck for gift inspiration?

Gift Vouchers for readings are now available! Simply click the Voucher Request button to email your request, and I'll send you the voucher by email or post. Payment via PayPal only.