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Online Zoom Readings

Zoom readings are back!

A 30-minute reading with the Celtic Cross spread will get all those layers unpeeled. Readings are recorded for you to keep.

Zoom Me!

I'm zooming again! Due to my ever-changing schedule, I'm staying away from a set booking schedule for the present, so once you make your booking, we'll chat by email to arrange the date and time that suits you best. I live in Ireland (GMT time zone), but I regularly read outside of normal business hours in an effort to facilitate everyone.

I'll read with the Celtic Cross for your thirty-minute session. For those not familiar with this spread it delves into the following themes: Current Energy, The Challenge, Your Past, Your Future, What's Below (your unconscious), What's Above (your conscious aspirations), Advice, External Influences, Hopes & Fears, The Potential Outcome. This in-depth reading expands your awareness, highlights areas of positivity and challenge, and delivers lots of guidance on how to move forward.

The reading is recorded for you to keep, so no forgetting all the messages!

Book Now!

Zoom Online Reading €60

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