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Tarot Tuition

Are you new to the fascinating world of tarot? Have you been studying for a while, but find yourself continually challenged by a particular topic?


One on one tuition, customized to your proficiency level, specific concern, and schedule, is now available.

Tarot Tuition

Did you recently unwrap your very first tarot deck but aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you’ve been studying tarot for a while, but find yourself struggling to grasp certain aspects. If you’re looking for guidance, I’d love to help!


Tarot Tuition is now open! Tailored for your exact needs, each session takes place by Zoom and lasts for one hour. You can book one session, or as many as you anticipate would benefit, at a pace and time that suits you. With no commitment to a pre-paid block of scheduled classes, tuition moves at your speed—time-wise, and financially. It’s just us! I provide private, one-on-one tutorials, so my attention is entirely yours (unless my cats interrupt!).


When you make a booking, we’ll chat beforehand by email to discuss your needs. I’ll then structure a session tailored exclusively for you to ensure we get the best out of every minute and you come away a satisfied customer. Once it concludes, I’ll forward your notes by email, and depending on the session’s topic, will include any exercises or further practice discussed.


On booking your first session, you’ll receive a free digital copy of the Creative Soul Tarot Journal. This 168 page full-colour journal is packed with features including: Daily Draw Pages, Keyword Charts, Spreads, Tarot Tracker, a Working with the Moon guide, and lots more!

Popular Session Topics Include:


  • The Major Arcana: An Overview, or Deep Dive.

  • The Pips: An Overview, or Deep Dive*.

  • The Four Suits: An Overview, or Deep Dive.

  • Numbers in Tarot and their Significance.

  • The Court Cards: How to Read both Literal and Figurative Messages.

  • Develop Your Intuition.

  • Structuring a Reading.

  • Reading for Yourself.

  • Reading for Others, and When to Charge.

  • Hitting Blanks during Readings.

  • Tarot Journaling. A How-To and its Benefits.

  • How to Create Tarot Spreads.

  • Yes/No in Tarot. Yes or No?

  • How to Choose, Cleanse, and Dedicate a Tarot Deck.

  • The Celtic Cross: A Deep Dive


*Topics such as the Deep Dives are best divided over two sessions as there’s a lot of content.

The above are examples of popular topics, but if you’re challenged by a subject not listed, reach out so we can chat by email. There's no pressure to book if you'd rather discuss your query by email before making a commitment.


First one-hour session: €80

(Includes a free PDF download of the Creative Soul Tarot Journal)


Subsequent one-hour sessions: €65


Payments are made securely via PayPal. No credit card information is required. For Terms & Conditions, please refer to the Legal Stuff page on my site.

Please note I am in Ireland, so if you’re based outside of Europe,

I’ll ensure we fix a time that works for both of us.

Book Now for
Private Tuition!

First Session: €80
Subsequent Session: €65
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When you make a booking, please check for my communications via the email address you supplied to PayPal. I reply to bookings within 24 hours of receiving the notification from PayPal, so if you haven’t heard from me, check your spam and/or the email you provided to PayPal. If there’s crickets, email me immediately at

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