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Creative Soul Tarot Journal

The Creative Soul Tarot Journal

Available in Digital
& Paperback Format!

Reflecting how the Fool seeks adventure and learning, the Creative Soul Tarot Journal is aimed at both beginner and intermediate tarot practitioners. Lovingly crafted for those who crave dedicated daily journaling pages, ways to work with the moon’s phases, and a place to gain insight while cultivating intuition and spiritual development, this journal will assist with building on your current practice while providing new inspiration.

Inspired by my own love of tarot journaling, but also stemming from how I like my journals to work for me, the Creative Soul Tarot Journal features more than just space to natter about the card of the day.


The journal opens with a guide to the moon’s phases, and each daily page contains a moon phase workings section to encourage action aligning with the moon’s energy. I’ve also included a section to craft a personal daily affirmation, and to close out the day on a positive note, a prompt to list three things for which you’re grateful. There’s also a daily quote to inspire your mood or spark an idea for a daily affirmation.


Further in, you’ll find a tarot tracker, where you can record card draws with a tick, and then reflect on stalker cards or suits to examine what overall themes presented over a period of time. There’s a page with inspiring 3-card spreads, followed by pages to record your 3-card readings. Keywords for the Major Arcana and four suits then follow, (with space to add your own interpretations) a page each for noting decks and/or books on your wish list, and to end, blank pages for notes. The paperback journal is A5 size, printed in full colour, with soothing tones of pale teal and cream, so it’s easy on the eye. It's also available in digital format, ready to use on your favourite device.

Amongst the pages you’ll find plenty of tarot content, including:

  • How to work with the phases of the moon

  • A tarot tracker to gain a bird’s eye view of overall themes in your draws

  • Lust lists for books and decks

  • Keywords for both the Major and Minor Arcana

  • A selection of three-card spreads

  • Pages to record three-card readings

  • Blank pages for your own notes


With this journal, you’ll find engagement, inspiration, and learning amongst the pages, but most of all, great enjoyment as you strengthen your intuition and spiritual development with tarot!

Available in both paperback and digital format!


Please note that Amazon dictate the price of the paperback edition. I'm aware it may be too costly for some which is why the digital edition is a lot more cost effective.

Daily Draw

120 pages to record your interpretation of the card/s drawn, space to note the moon phase and intended workings in tune with that phase, your own daily affirmation, and a gratitude list to end your day on a positive note.

Daily Draw page
Phases of the Moon page

Moon Alignment

A guide to the moon’s phases, how to align with the relevant energy, and a simple release ritual. Each daily draw page includes a prompt to note the current moon phase.

Major & Minor Keywords

Keywords for the Major & Minor Arcana for both upright and reverse positions, with space to make your own observations.

Major Arcana Keywords
Tarot Tracker from the Creative Soul Tarot Journal
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Tarot Tracker

Record all cards drawn with a tick, and gain a clear overview of common themes and/or suits within your readings. There's also a prompt to explore the message of stalker cards to gain even deeper insight.

Creative Soul Tarot Journal
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