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Brigid: Goddess of Creativity

Brigid, also know as Brigit or Brig is a goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. In Irish mythology, she was a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a mythological supernatural race. The Celtic Goddess of inspiration, creativity, the arts, childbirth, and healing, this deity is one of the most powerful in the Celtic pantheon and is an inspiring energy for all creatives.

Welcome to Brigid, the Goddess of Creativity!

An altar with a St Brigid's cross, Brigid artwork, and tarot cards
Brigid, Goddess of Creativity. Artwork by Courtney Davis. Deck: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes.

As a member of the Tuatha De Dannan, Brigid was an integral part of Celtic life, but when christianity crept into Ireland around 430AD, beginning with a banishing of the old pagan ways, Brigid’s followers revolted. Their beloved goddess was associated with so many vital aspects of Celtic life at the time; wisdom, poetry, blacksmithing, protection, childbirth, and domesticated animals, that no-one was willing to denounce her.

In a bid to appease the pagans and encourage them to convert to Christianity, the Christian monks morphed her with their St Brigid (Born 451AD, Died 524AD), blending their histories and attributes. Today, legends surrounding Brigid straddle the boundary of both her Goddess and Saint forms, leaving her shrouded in mystery. Very few substantial stories of the Goddess Brigid can be found, and while the folklore surrounding Saint Brigid is plentiful, scholars still debate many aspects of her history, including birthplace, parents, and upbringing. However, what has endured is Brigid's energy of inspiration and healing, so let's take a look at how creatives can benefit from this fiery energy.

As a source of influence for creatives, Brigid is seen as the Fire of Inspiration. She motivates the alchemy of our creativity, when the meeting of our inspiration and action merge to form beauty. Much like Ace energy in tarot, inspiration is a wonderful force, but without action, it remains nothing more than thought.

Therefore; inspiration + action = beauty.

Are you familiar with the quickening of your heart when an idea sparks into life? That's Brigid energy. What about the passion that drives your creativity, that unwavering need to create? That's Brigid energy, too. She's also present in the healing that comes from creative flow. Consider how you sometimes turn to working with your hands when troubled. It could be gardening, baking, crocheting, writing, or painting. Regardless of the modality, have you noticed how you emerged from your creation to find yourself feeling better? A new calmness has suffused your being, you're thinking clearer, and maybe even have a way to move forward. This is the power of Brigid's transformational energy. She encourages transformation. She asks us to seek expansion by looking beyond the ordinary so we can create the extraordinary.

an artistic impression of a woman made of flame

Brigid asks us to view our creative world from a new perspective. Fire transforms, and so she asks us to do the same with our processes. Welcome in the forces of destruction and renewal, and see how it transforms both you and your creative projects. When we release the old, we create space for the new. Imagine what could bloom in its place, and the opportunity and inspiration that awaits?

In many illustrations, Brigid is often depicted stirring a great cauldron. This witch’s magical tool symbolises the womb and the Devine Feminine. Brigid encourages us to stir our own inner cauldrons, regardless of gender, and embrace the creativity that bubbles to the surface. She truly is an inspirational goddess for creatives!


If you’re lacking inspiration, or feel your creative cauldron has stagnated, you can call upon Brigid to rekindle your fire. Here are a number of simple rituals to invoke Brigid energy.

First, take a look at the correspondences associated with Brigid. Include whatever you like with your rituals. Go with what feels good to you! There’s no right or wrong.

Brigid Correspondences

Elements: Fire and water

Food: Water and milk. Pancakes with lemon and honey. Citrus fruits.

Herbs: Rosemary, heather, bay, and thyme.

Plants: Snowdrop, crocus, dandelion, sage, chamomile, acorns and oak tree, corn, shamrock, rushes, straw.

Animals: Lambs, ewes, serpents, farm animals, dairy cows, domesticated animals.

Crystals: Carnelian, amethyst, jasper, fire agate.

Colours: White, yellow, green, blue.

Planet: Venus

a fan of tarot cards

Brigid in Tarot

The inspiration of Brigid is alive and inspiring in tarot! Grab your deck and flick through the cards for themes of transformation, creativity, healing, and fire, and see what jumps out at you. Below is a selection of cards I associate with Brigid. Using these as inspiration, or working with your own chosen cards, you can place one or a combination within your ritual setting. You can also meditate or journal on the card/s that speaks to you most.

The High Priestess; the subconscious, wisdom, serenity.

The Magician: Alchemy, manifestation.

The Empress; fertility, abundance, nature.

Death; transition, endings, beginnings, change

The Star; renewal, new ideas, hope, clarity

The Sun; joy, inspiration, positivity

Ace of Cups; creativity, new beginnings, purity

Three of Cups; creativity, pleasure, community

Ace of Wands; inspiration, enthusiasm, creation.

Queen of Wands; creativity, growth, intuition, passion

Consider working with two or more cards, especially if you include an Ace. The Ace and Queen make a powerful pair, but so do The Empress and the 3 of Cups. Meditate on the cards and be open to any intuitive nudges. If you're feeling especially creative, why not draw or paint your own version of a tarot card? What symbolism do you associate with Brigid, and what setting would you place her in? Do you picture her as a single form, or in her triple aspect?

A lighting candle

Candle Ritual to invoke Brigid

Place a candle in a safe setting in the space where you create. If you’re using herbs, plant cuttings, crystals, or any of Brigid’s correspondences, you can place them around the candle holder in a way that pleases you.

Tealights are ideal for a setting where you'd like to light the candle on a daily or regular basis.

  • Should you wish to use an oil, anoint the candle by rubbing a few drops along the length of a pillar candle, or by placing one or two drops away from the wick in a tealight. Be careful, as some oils can ignite. If you’re not comfortable with oil being close to a flame, sprinkle a few drops over your herb or plant offerings instead.

  • Take a few moments to consider your request. You might like to write it down in advance, or just go with the flow once you’re in the moment. Either way, call upon Brigid with respect and gratitude. I’ve included a small verse of my own creation you might like to use or change to suit your specific needs.

  • Light your candle and recite your verse.

  • You can leave the candle to burn out in full, or snuff it out and repeat the ritual daily for as long as you feel appropriate.

  • Usual cautions apply to unattended candles!

'Goddess Brigid, Mother of Life and Flame, I call on you to blaze kindly into my life.

Mother of Creativity, alight on my tongue, dance in my heart, and inspire my hands.

Guardian of Waters and Wells, I welcome your healing and inspiration. May the alchemical force of your creative energy fill my cauldron.

Mother of Milk and Water, thank you for your nourishment, healing, and blessings.'

A St. Brigids cross woven from rushes

St Brigid's Cross

If you have rushes or straw to hand, you might like to try making your own St. Brigid's cross. Traditionally, it's believed the cross protects the home from fire, but regardless of your intention, a wonderful way to work through the process is to weave your intention into the cross as you twist and fold.

Here's a link to a YouTube tutorial. It's too complicated to type out the process, but not too tricky to make. We often made them as kids in school for St Brigid's Day on February 1st, which is also the pagan festival of Imbolc.

three pots with seedlings growing

Sow Seeds of Intention

Another lovely ritual for this time of year, is to plant seeds with an affirmation or intention buried in the soil. Consider planting seeds associated with Brigid, such as rosemary, sage, or bay. Once sturdy enough, you can transfer the plant outdoors and have your own home-grown source of healing, inspiration, and beauty.

  • Spend time consdering your intention. Once you're ready, write it on a small piece of paper.

  • Place soil in a suitable pot, place your folded paper in, layer with more soil, then add your seeds according to the packet instructions.

  • Tend to the plant daily, even if it's simply to quietly repeat your intention. Visualise your intention forming into reality as the seeds snuggle into the earth and begin to sprout.

  • You can place the pot on your altar, near your workstation, or wherever you will see it daily and be reminded of the inspiring transformation you're actively creating.

A lemon drizzle cake cooling on a rack

Brigid in the Kitchen

Brigid is strongly associated with water and milk, but with her fiery element, ingredients such as citrus fruits, honey, and corn offer lots of inspiring ways to celebrate her energy. Lemon drizzle cake is easy to make and very more-ish, so too are pancakes with lemon and honey. You can try oat and citrus biscuits, orange cupcakes, or even lemon and rosemary polenta cake.

Why not try crafting zesty body scrubs with epsom salts and citrus essential oils? If you're super crafty, you could make creams and lotions with ingredients listed in Brigid's correspondences.


I hope you've enjoyed this article on how to bring more Brigid energy into your world. If you work with the Goddess Brigid in your creative life, I'd love to hear how she influences and inspires you. You can reach me at

For more on Courtney Davis, the artist who created the beautiful image on my altar, click here! I recommend taking a peek around his site, and checking out the online store. (Just don't spend all your pocket money at once!)

For a more indepth discussion surrounding Brigid, her history, her energy in tarot, and rituals, check out this episode of Luna and the Druid; Brigid's Day with Julie Embleton


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