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How to Predict Timing in Tarot

Can timing be predicted with tarot? If ever there was a question with a yes and no answer, this is one!

When we’re waiting for something we’ve been working towards, we all want to know when. When will I get the job of my dreams? When will I meet that special person? When will the energetic shift I need come into my life? With tarot, it is possible to give a time, so here a few methods to on not only how to predict timing in tarot, but how to manifest the desired outcome even faster.

Tarot cards on a calendar
Deck: Lightseer's Tarot

First, a caveat.

Predicting timing in tarot is not an exact science. There’s no one card that can pinpoint a day, date, or time. Secondly, as human beings, we operate with free will. No matter how the cards may predict timing, our actions have the power to change that outcome.

Say, for example, the cards predict your dream job will come into your life in three months. You may spend the time until then upskilling and making positive changes to your mindset and environment in anticipation of how your life will change. Or, you may become complacent; believe the job is simply going to plop into your lap.

Which set of behaviours do you think will work in your favour?

If you choose to sit back expectantly, chances are the job will pass you by leaving you frustrated and angry. Whereas with taking charge of your life by working towards self-improvement, you’re building a strong foundation towards your future. When the job arrives, you’re in an even better position than before to make it work for your better good.

So, remember: Despite what the cards predict and when, whether it be a positive shift or a challenge, we hold the power over our lives. We have the ability to make change. Our future is not set in stone!

Let’s be honest, though; we operate in a world ruled by time, so of course we want an estimate for that new relationship, the sale of our house, or an end to a difficult situation! Having that estimate gives us hope, an ending to which we can work towards—and having that finish line can boost our drive to step up and make even positive change in the interim.

Another aspect to consider of why tarot doesn’t the answer the when question with clarity, is because tarot prefers to dive way deeper than the simplicity of timing. If a deck could talk, I believe it would say; Why bother with time when you can discover how to make it happen? Yes, I can suggest seasons or astrological phases. But my friend, wouldn’t you prefer the goose over a single golden egg?

A fan of leaves representing the changing seasons

How to Predict Timing in Tarot

Technique 1: Suits as Seasons

There are two techniques I use for predicting time with tarot. The first is using the Suits as Seasons. When I first began to study tarot, I learned the seasons were matched with the suits as follows:

Cups: Summer

Swords: Autumn

Pentacles: Winter

Wands: Spring

However, I now have my own intuitive representation of the seasons which are as follows:

Cups: Spring

Wands: Summer

Pentacles: Autumn

Winter: Swords

If there’s a ‘right’ way to match suits to seasons, I’m not aware. I listen to my intuition, and I would encourage you to do the same. This configuration is what feels right to me, so it’s what I use.

Using this first Suits as Seasons technique, you can estimate time around the seasons, but the suits can also represent shorter spans of time as follows:

Wands: Days

Swords: Weeks

Cups: Months

Pentacles: Years

To take it a step further, you can use the number of the card to estimate the length these periods. So, for example, the 4 of Swords could suggest four weeks, the 3 of Pentacles, three years, or the 9 of Wands, nine days.

The trouble with narrowing time predictions down in this manner, is that you will inevitably get contradictions. What if the 2 of Swords is suggesting a timeline of two weeks, but Swords represent the season of Winter, and at the time of the reading, it’s the middle of Spring? Here’s where you need to allow intuition to take over while also taking note of surrounding cards. Despite the contradiction of the 2 of Swords and Winter/Spring, if a number of cards are Cups, they place more weight on the season of Spring, so the timing could in fact be predicted for 2 weeks. But at the same time, your eye is being drawn to the only Wands card within the spread which indicates Summer. Can you see now how predicting time is not an exact science?

Astrological symbols

Technique 2: Suits as Astrological Phases

The second technique is Suits as Astrological Phases.

Swords are associated with the Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, so a Swords card could predict timing for a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius season.

Here are the other associations for the suits:

Wands are associated with the Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Cups are associated with the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Pentacles are associated with the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

If you work closely with astrology and tarot, this second technique is another great way to predict timing.

What about the Major Arcana? They too have astrological associations and corresponding elemental associations. They also have associations with the planets. Some are solely associated with a single zodiac sign, but with a planetary ruler, while the others are ruled by a planet, but with associated zodiac signs. For the purposes of timing, I’ll stick to just the astrological associations for this list.

The Fool: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries.

The Magician: Gemini, Virgo

The High Priestess: Pisces, Virgo

The Empress: Taurus, Cancer

The Emperor: Aries

The Hierophant: Taurus

The Lovers: Gemini

The Chariot: Cancer

Strength: Leo

The Hermit: Virgo

The Wheel of Fortune: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus

Justice: Libra

The Hanged Man: Pisces

Death: Scorpio

Temperance: Sagittarius

The Devil: Capricorn

The Tower: Aries, Scorpio

The Star: Aquarius

The Moon: Pisces

The Sun: Leo

Judgement: Scorpio

The World: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus

So, it’s not just the minor cards that can be brought into play when predicting timelines. Again, where contradictions may appear, take a look at the overall spread of cards if working with more than two, and as always, give lots of space for your intuition!

crystals and a tarot card

2 Methods for Further Expansion

Now that we’ve looked at timing, it’s time to incorporate more ‘how’ into the reading. It’s great to be able to predict the when, but to truly empower you or your client, here’s how to expand the reading even further.

a tarot deck with crystals

1: Allow the messages of the cards to further expand on timing

Let’s say your client is planning to leave the country to start a new job abroad. The cards indicate this move will take place in Summer, but within the spread you have lots of other clues of how this timing may proceed. The Knight of Wands suggests a lot of dynamic, creative energy around the move, indicating the timeline may speed up. Or, the 4 of Swords may be amongst the cards, suggesting a period of necessary recuperation which may slow action down. The 7 of Cups could indicate a number of issues cause distractions, or a bout of second-guessing which delays the departure.

Another example could be around the timing of a romantic relationship. Let’s say it’s Winter and an abundance of Cups cards pinpoint Spring as the timing for meeting this special person. Within the cards, you’ve got the dynamic movement of the 8 of Wands suggesting things may move even faster. You’ve also got the Knight of Swords, associated with Winter. With his galloping into action, it could indicate the timing being brought forward to late Winter instead of Spring. What if the calm repose of the Queen of Wands appears? Perhaps she’s indicating it’s best to nurture yourself before tending to another, and with her Summer association, indicates the timing being pushed out by another season.

Within all these examples there’s guidance on how you or your client can engage positively with the timeline. Perhaps the client thinks they’re ready for a Spring romance, but in truth, they need to work more on nurturing and loving themselves as indicated by the Queen of Wands. Or maybe plans to move abroad are threatened by stress and anxiety, leading to the rest demanded by the 4 of Swords? This would indicate a need to be mindful of mental health as such a huge life change approaches. The Knight of Wands could suggest that creative thinking will assist with obstacles, along with maintaining positive determination.

As you’re probably aware by now, there’s always another layer waiting to be peeled away when it comes to tarot readings. It’s rarely straight forward. When it comes to timing and the energies surrounding that timing, even more so. Personally, I don’t predict timing beyond seasons with my readings, even if my clients push. I feel there are too many factors involved to confidently give an answer, and with free will the true power in our lives, I prefer for clients to focus on the actions that will empower them instead of placing all their bets on the ever-shifting sands of time. So, if you want to gain even further insight surrounding timing of an event and empower yourself and your clients even more, here’s another technique you might like to try.

a jumble of cards from the Lightseer's Tarot

2: Ask the cards what can be expected when the desired outcome is drawing close.

For this, you can draw one or more supplementary cards.

Sticking with the example of a future romantic relationship where you’ve predicted the timing for Spring, you draw the 3 of Pentacles. This is the card of collaboration, which could indicate you’ll meet this person through your work environment, perhaps through collaborating with others on a project. You might draw The Sun, meaning you’ll find yourself engaged in fun, light-hearted activities when you meet this person, or maybe enjoying a success and basking in the glow of positivity. The Sun may also indicate meeting a person who carries this energy; always positive, fun-loving, open to new experiences.

Drawing two or more cards will further elaborate on what you can expect to be feeling or experiencing around the time of your desired outcome drawing near, but do be cautious of pulling too many cards—however tempting! Sometimes, too much information can muddy the waters.

And as a bonus to all of this . . .

When you’re clued in to what you can expect to experience around the timing of an event, it allows you to see and act upon any signs or synchronicities that begin to appear. These little hints allow you to align strongly with your highest good, which in turn, assists with manifesting your desired outcome even faster. Sometimes, the signs may be warning you’re heading in the wrong direction, so heed those just as intently! If what you’re experiencing goes against your desired outcome, then make changes. Remember the power of free will! It’s your life, and you control the reins.

So, you’ve now got two techniques to assist with predicting time with tarot, along with further options on how to enlighten you and your clients to create a fulfilling, abundant life!

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