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In Conversation with Gabriella Fotara

Activation coach, healer, and psychic.

Hello, and a warm welcome to Gabriella Fotara, widely known as Simply Gabriella across her numerous platforms! From an early age, Gabriella connected deeply to her psychic abilities and was a Reiki Master at only sixteen years old. Today, her healing and connectedness brings clarity and new-found peace to many. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to be in conversation with Gabriella Fotara!

Gabriella Fotara
Gabriella Fotara

J: To begin, Gabriella, tell the readers a little about yourself. 

Gabriella: Hello, and thanks for having me! So, I'm Gabriella, an activation coach, healer and psychic. I help people to gain clarity, step into their power and learn how to connect to and create the life and self-image that they want for themselves, through healing trauma, uncovering and rewiring limiting beliefs and diving deep with my intuition to unlock deep insights.

J: How can people work with you?

Gabriella: The ways to work with me 1:1 are through the following psychic sessions:

The Tap & Check: Quick guidance for confirmation, insight or clarity.

The Deep Dive: Where we get stuck into the whole picture and energetics in the way or coming through!

The Coaching Subscription: A three, six, or twelve-months timeframe, where you get my intuitive expertise and support to help you work through limiting beliefs to enhance your confidence and get you stepping into your power!

I also offer healing sessions, starting with Reiki healing which is a gentle approach to flow, healing, and alignment. Then there's HeartHealing®️ which is deep, subconscious work to heal heart wounds. After each session, clients receive a personalised imprint to listen to for 25 days in order to anchor in to the healing work and rewire their thoughts!

Should readers prefer a softer start into my world, they can join my Patreon where for $4.75 a month they will get insight into the collective weekly energy, setting them up for the week ahead!

Finally, launching on 14th February 2024 is The Alchemy Activation Subscription, giving clients access to monthly activation audios to help with energy such as grounding, joy, abundance and more! Subscribers also gain activation prompts to begin bigger change in their day-to-day mindset, energy, and expansion. Right now, there's a limited time offer of a ‘Pay what you're able' structure, offering 3 payment options of: £3.33, £11.11, or £22.


Gabriella Fotara

J: So many offerings! Can you take us back to when you first become aware of your gifts, and can you recall your feelings about it at the time?

Gabriella: I am grateful to have been aware of my gifts from a very young age. I know there were moments before, but my awareness is from around age three. At my youngest I was very carefree about speaking about it, and it was just fact of life for me; energy was everywhere, spirit was everywhere. As I grew older it felt complicated for a while because I was young and I could tell when someone’s energy wasn’t matching their words. The adults around me didn’t notice, and so I thought it must just be me, but every time it all came forward and it would reconfirm my need to trust myself and my ability to read energy.

I have a lot of memories of seeing and connecting with spirit. It never scared me. I always felt connected and safe, more so then I did around most living people, to be honest. I was very lucky to have a supportive and spiritual mum who, even when she didn’t understand the extent of my energy sensitivity, supported me at every turn. She bought me my space on Reiki level one when I was thirteen, and I became a Reiki Master at sixteen. I’m thirty two now, and its been one hell of a ride to say the least, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Gabriella Fotara
Gabriella working with the 'The Inspired Deck' by Nina Fotara

J: Having a supportive parent was such a blessing, Gabriella. Can you recall if there was an order in which you opened to your gifts?

Gabriella: My Psychic, Mediumship, and Energy Awareness were intricately linked for me from day one, really. My mum had a reading when she was pregnant with me and a lot of this was in there, which I love. I began to expand my psychic/mediumship work first, sitting workshops from as young as twelve, and then sitting in circles very early on in spaces like Tony Stockwells. (Tony Stockwell is a British psychic medium, author and television personality.) My healing really grew as I went on my Reiki journey and over the last four years my healing has developed into its own beautiful space. It has just gone from new depth to new depth, and I’m currently amidst a fascinating level-up that I cant wait to take my clients on!

The next thing to unfold was my Animal Communication. I used to do it instinctively, but I didn’t know it was a thing until my early teens when I took a course and everything clicked! I then became the communicator for the pet spa that resided in Harrods back in the day!

J: Now there's a job to have on a CV! What’s the most valuable lesson you took from that time? 

Gabriella: Trust yourself, no matter what the people around you are saying. Your soul and intuition always know. I always had such a pull towards my spiritual self and work and had so much outside pressure about ‘getting a real job’, had I listened, I would have stayed in a deeply unfulfilled and depressed state. Take a chance on you, you deserve a life that feels good!

J: What does a typical day for you look like? 

Gabriella: Honestly, I have been in a stage of realigning my days after a tough time last year, but my non-negotiables in the morning are journaling, meditation, activation audios, tapping, and food, of course! I want to start adding in a short walk to be out in fresh air before starting my work day.

I like a slow start to my mornings, so I don’t usually start client work until around 10am. It varies from session to session. Some of my healing clients like me to simply get on with the sessions and pop notes over after, and then I reply to coaching clients (they get voxer access for additional support). Due to having a chronic illness, I usually need a little nap around 2pm to keep myself a functioning human – honouring your needs is paramount! I like to give myself a set day now for things like content creations, admin, and all the other fun business things!

At the end of the day I like to switch off, cuddle the dogs and pause. Currently I watch TV, but honestly, I want to change that habit too! I’d like to have more quiet time, still my energy, and read more books again!

Sleep is up and down for me, I always listen to imprint or activation audios before bed and if I’m feeling particularly light sensitive, I’ll add a blackout eye mask.

The meditations and quiet time are so important for me so that I can connect with myself, spirit and receive any downloads I need.


Gabriella Fotara

J: The one topic we can't ignore, is that of tarot. So, how do you use tarot within your work?

Gabriella: I’ve always worked a little outside the box, so when I work with tarot, I’m no different. Whilst there will be elements that run true across them, and many love to read them in the traditional manner, I will also always use my intuition and spirit work to uncover the message that is needed for that client in that moment. I have learnt that any cards—tarot, oracle, images, anything—are a beautiful additional tool. They’re often helpful for the client to have a visual for everything I am receiving internally. I definitely am having fun doing social media card pulls with them too!

J: A tricky question for every tarot reader, but have you a favourite tarot or oracle deck? 

Gabriella: Yes! The first of my current two faves is The Inspired Deck by Nina Fotara. You might recognise the last name, and that’s because my wonderful mum created them. But if any of you know me, you know that as much as I love and support her, if I didn’t vibe with the cards, I wouldn’t use them in my work. We are a neurodivergent household, so we never take offence to things like that! But I truly love the colour and simplicity of them. I am always seeing something new in them!

The other deck I love is by St Soleil, they are beautiful tarot decks—both the beginner and advance sets!


Gabriella Fotara at a singing bowl ceremony

J: I had a quick peek at the St Soleil decks and they are stunning! I also am a proud owner of Nina's 'The Inspired Deck' and I agree it has an amazing energy. When you're not working, what's your favourite way to spend the day? 

Gabriella: Full transparency again; chronic illness does often require me to take extra rest, but if we put that aside for a moment, on a good day, I love breakfast with my grandad, going to the field with Rosa (my heart dog), taking photos in nature or sitting somewhere with a coffee, book and journal – I love anything creative and spiritual. Oooh, and of course I love a little browse at my local crystal shop…

J: I love that you're highlighting the importance of self-care. There can be a lot of pressure on people to be turned on 24/7 which is not sustainable, especially in our line of work. Can you tell me what you would consider the most challenging aspect of your work, and how do you care for yourself within that environment? 

Gabriella: Balancing my energy. I am a recovering people pleaser who, since a toddler, just wanted to heal and help everyone, so learning boundaries has been so crucial for me, especially in business. The better my boundaries, the better my energy. The more creative I am, the more energy I have, the more money I can make, the more free resources I can create and the more I can actually make continuous impact without visiting Burnout City on a monthly basis.

J: Burnout City is no fun! With so many people experiencing a spiritual awakening at this time, what advice can you offer for anyone opening to their intuitive gifts? 

Gabriella: Be kind to yourself! Learning to trust yourself takes time, especially if you have deep wounds or trauma. You’ll often find yourself excellent at reading everyone else, but struggle to see things for yourself. Start small, two of my fave simple exercises to give people is:

1: Take a deep breathe, exhale, ask yourself; ‘Where does my intuition sit in my body?’ Feel where it sits. Then, take another deep breathe, exhale, ask yourself; ‘Where does my fear sit in my body?’ Feel where it sits. There will usually be 2 distinct locations/feelings or both. This can help you to begin to separate your fear from your intuition.

2. Daily practice with intuition. For example; when you go to the shop, you feel the urge to reach out for bread, but think ‘Nah, I have bread at home’. But then you get home and find it’s mouldy or someone just ate the last slice! Start acting on the small moments; it will help you to build trust in yourself!

Tibetan Singing Bowls

J: Leaning into those quiet intuitive hits is such an important and insightful first step to take. It most definitely teaches us to trust in ourselves. A change of pace now. What’s a song that makes you want to shake your booty? 

Gabriella: Ha ha I love this question! I have wide and random taste in music and this shifts depending on the day but I do love . . . (queue my ADHD wanting to list 50 songs, so let me reign myself in a sec!) ‘I Ain’t Worried’ by OneRepublic or ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ by Thurston Harris and the Sharps. Also, anything by Taylor Swift.  (Fighting so hard not to add so many more!)

J: With the world in such a tumultous state at this time, what blessing do you wish upon our planet and its people?

Gabriella: Self-love and compassion, understanding we aren’t against anyone, and the more peace and love we create for ourselves and our lives, the more capable we are of spreading it round the world. It’s not selfish to love yourself and look after your life and wellbeing first; it’s empowering and you are so worthy.

Woman meditiating in sunshine

J: Beautiful. Thank you! So, what’s next for Gabriella?

Gabriella: Oooof great question! I have a lot of plans. I have a journal that I would loveeee to get published into the world, one which I know it can help with healing and manifesting dreams. Long term, I’d love to write books, speak on stages, make a huge positive impact by empowering people to heal and listen to themselves. I also have much bigger goals of creating a centre that has practitioners from all fields to help mind, body, soul.

Sunrise on a beach

J: What mission drives your dreams of opening this centre?

Gabriella: I want everyone to understand that our pasts do not have to define us, and we don't have to carry them into the future. I love helping people to release the weight and limiting beliefs our pasts can manifest. We are limitless, expansive, beautiful souls, and deserving of our wildest dreams!

J: Wow! Such impressive and exciting goals!  Finally, where can people connect with you?

Gabriella: At the time of publication (February 2024), my branding and pages are undergoing a revamp, so if you experience trouble on my website or would prefer to jump on a call and talk through options, don’t be afraid to give me a shout. You can book via: 

Instagram: @simplygabriellaofficial

Facebook: /simplygabriella

Tiktok: @simplygabriellaofficial (currently working to hit 1k so I can go live with meditations and all fun things)

J: If that's not enough, you also have a podcast!

Gabriella: Yes! Here's the link: Podcast: Realign (relaunching soon)

J: Gabriella, it's been so lovely chatting to you, and honestly, one session hasn't been enough! There's so much more I'd love to dive into, so hopefully we can chat again in the future. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences and insights with the readers.

Gabriella: It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me!

Gabriella Fotara


I hope you enjoyed In Conversation with Gabriella Fotara!

Would you like to feature as a guest on the blog? Perhaps you have a topic you’d like to see featured? If so, reach out to me at Whether it’s a question, an idea, or a wish to share your creative path, let me know! I love to hear from creatives and am always open to sharing within our amazing community!


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