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Tarot for Creatives July 11th to 17th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

We have a Super Full Moon in Capricorn this Wednesday the 13th. Ambitious and impatient Capricorn likes to reach new heights through their achievements and successes, so this upcoming Full Moon is a great time to celebrate accomplishments, but also to reflect on the all-important work/life balance. There’s a theme of overhaul in this season, asking us to examine our inner and outer worlds and where we can remedy imbalance, because with Capricorn’s influence, we can easily spread ourselves too thin. This week’s reading looks at what areas may be suffering from neglect, and how we readjust with the questions: Where does imbalance lie, How can I recalibrate, Where should I focus my attention?

Tarot cards with crystals and a succulent
The Empress, Ace of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles. Forhaxa Tarot.

Examine your self-care practices this week! The Empress is the card of nurturing, fertility, and femininity, and appearing in the Where Does Imbalance Lie position, suggests work/life balance is out of whack. The Empress also reflects nature, so asks us to consider when we last soaked up nurturing energies with a forest walk, lying on the grass, or sitting by a stream. Creativity is another theme of this card, so step back and examine if work/life practices are rooted in concrete ‘must do’ attitudes, leaving no room for organic flow and change. Feminine energy is intuitive, open to receiving and giving, and full of expression. If imbalance lies here, you may find you’ve been clinging to logical thought, binding yourself within structure, and working along the linear. The Empress suggests masculine energy outweighing feminine, so examine these aspects and look at how changes can be made.

“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them.

Just find a new way to stand.” - Oprah Winfrey

A new beginning comes with Ace of Earth (Pentacles). Capricorn is associated with the grounded, practical energy of Pentacles, and the Ace directs us to think about new projects, along with amended working practices. This is the card of manifestation, so with the message of the Empress in mind—and how you wish to recalibrate—build these into your goals as you turn over a new leaf. If you’ve been rooted in too much logic, now is the time to nurture more heart-centred, creative thinking as you plan and prepare. Pentacles represent material aspects including finances and work, so focus on these themes to get the most out of your goals.

A second Pentacles card directs our attention to generosity and sharing. The 6 of Earth is the card of harmony with money. Balance exists between what flows in and out, there’s no need for clutching at coin, and we’re happy to share what we have with those in need. These themes of giving and receiving can also translate to our working environment, specifically in the form of mentoring, where you might find yourself taking someone under your wing, or finding a mentor to guide you on your own path. The main message is to be open to this giving and/or receiving, it’s a flow that will benefit the goals being manifested with the Ace. What’s also important to note with this card is the message of balance restored. Returning to ground with the Ace has corrected the imbalance of the Empress, and once again, harmony is restored.

With all that driven Capricorn energy, it’s not surprising to see earthy Pentacles cards leading the charge this week. The Empress wags a finger at imbalances tripping us up, but with the grounded aspects of the Ace and 6 of Pentacles, hitting the reset button will restore harmony. Enjoy the Super Moon on Wednesday!

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