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Tarot Spreads for Creatives

When seeking guidance for a project, or stumbling with creative block, tarot is a great tool for getting up close and personal with the issue. Not only can it uncover thought patterns and behaviours which may be affecting you and your work, (positively and negatively) but it can also inspire confidence, spark a new direction, and offer an alternative outlook to your situation.

Tarot Cards, crystals, a plant. Tarot Spreads for Creatives
Grab your favourite tarot or oracle deck and have fun with these five spreads! The Golden Art Nouveau Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

Today I’m sharing five brand new spreads perfect for any stage of your creative endeavours. If Tarot isn’t your jam, then grab your oracle deck instead! Give yourself space and time to tune into your inner voice. Sit with the cards for a while once they’re laid out, and listen when your intuition pokes for attention. If you like to journal, have it to hand so you can take notes on what comes up in the reading.

Creative Flow Check In. A 5-card tarot spread for Creatives
Time for a pit-stop and check in. Creative Flow Check In spread

Creative Flow Check in

Maybe you’re halfway through a project, and although confident it’s heading in the right direction, would like to pause for a check in. Or perhaps you’ve a niggling feeling it’s all about to come off the rails and want to hit the brakes before disaster strikes. This five-card spread offers a simple check in to examine the current vibe, what’s working and not working, where you need to focus, and what aspect of the project can be jettisoned.

1: Current creative energy

2: What benefits me right now

3: What hinders me

4: What area needs attention

5: What no longer serves me

Create with the Empress tarot spread for Creatives
Soak up those Empress vibes withe the Create With the Empress spread.

Create with the Empress

The Empress is the tarot card for creatives. With its nurturing, fertile vibes, it’s a great card to use as a focal point. For this spread, grab the Empress from your favourite deck (or an oracle card equivalent), and take a moment to study the imagery. When you’re ready, place your drawn cards around it and listen to what the Empress has to say. With strong feminine and motherly themes, consider what needs more mothering, where can you bring in more feminine energy, the places where you might uncover new inspiration, and how you can make space for increased abundance. If you have space in your creative area, why not leave the Empress on display as a reminder of the nurturing, fertile energy she brings?

1: What needs nurturing

2: Where can I take a softer approach

3: Where should I look for inspiration

4: How can I welcome in abundance

Lost Inspiration Tarot Spread for Creatives
Fear not! If inspiration has vanished, try the Lost Inspiration spread!

Lost Inspiration

When did you last battle with draining inspiration? Although it happens to us all, it’s never welcome, and often comes with a side-serving of imposter syndrome that leaves us contemplating throwing the towel in entirely. This five-card spread will stir the pot to find out why your inspiration evaporated. It examines what might be blocking your creative flow, how that stuck energy came about, what you must do to shift it, how you can then forge a connection with inspiration once more, and how to stay on track moving forward.

1: What is blocking my creative flow

2: How did it happen

3: How can I remove the block

4: How can I reconnect with inspiration

5: What needs focus moving forward

Should I Collaborate Tarot Spread for Creatives
To collab or not to collab? Should I Collaborate spread

Should I Collaborate?

Grab your 3 of Pentacles card for this one! The 3 of Pentacles is all about teamwork, learning, and collaboration. It usually appears when a project is underway, and the skills to accomplish your goal are present. It’s very much a card of encouragement, declaring dreams will come true with determination and effort. Collaboration encourages feedback, learning, effective planning, and clever management, so consider how this may benefit your project. If confidence is wavering, the 3 of Pentacles nudges you to ask for help and/or advice, so carries a mentor theme too. If you’re considering joining forces with other creatives and not sure if the venture is right for you, give this six-card spread a spin.

1: How will teamwork benefit me

2: What adjustments will I need to make

3: What creative shifts will it bring

4: How can I grow my confidence

5: What will I learn from this

6: What is the potential outcome

The Last Mile Tarot Spread for Creatives
You're almost there! The Last Mile spread.

The Last Mile

Inspired by the 9 of Pentacles, The Last Mile spread dives into that final leg of a creative project, when the end is in sight. While you aren’t expecting speed wobbles or pot-holes, you’re smart enough not to take your eyes off the road, so this spread is a sign-post, letting you know what direction you’re heading in, and what you’ll meet on the way. The 9 of Pentacles is the card of self-sufficiency, self-confidence, luxury, and harmony. Centred around these themes, this spread will help you to examine where you’ve already succeeded, what area needs attention, how you can harmonise work and reward, where more abundance might be waiting, and what the potential outcome of your project may be. The 9 of Pentacles is a card of poise; of not rushing into that final leg, but taking time to assess, tweak if necessary, and most importantly, enjoying the fruits of your labour so far. In this final mile, ensure you give gratitude, but also take time to savour a little luxury. You deserve it!

1: What is working well right now

2: What area needs more attention

3: Where can I harmonise

4: Where am I not seeing potential

5: Where will the current path take me

Have fun with the spreads, and do let me know if you try any of them out. Likewise if you have a go-to spread for your creative projects; I'd love to hear about those too! You can reach me at

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