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Uniting with the Lovers

78 Miles of Mystery: Mile 6

It’s mile 6 of 78 Miles of Mystery, and joining us on our road trip is the Lovers, Key 6 of the Tarot, and the 7th card of the Major Arcana. With their vibe of blissful union, we’re inspired to tune into Love FM and croon along with the cheesy love songs. But further ahead lies a fork in the road, and we now face a major decision of which route to take next.

The Lovers Tarot Card on a wooden surface
The Lovers. Deck: Universal Waite Tarot

The Card:

A naked couple stand in the garden of Eden. To the rear of the woman appears an apple tree with a snake coiled around the trunk while behind the man, a tree is in flames. Above, a red-winged angel with flaming hair looks down. A dazzling sun shines. In the background, a single mountain peak reaches for the sky. Beneath their feet lies lush, fertile land. The man looks at the woman, but the woman peers up at the angel.

The lovers tarot card from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tarot deck
A gorgeous representation of the Lovers from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot

What The Lovers Portrays:

One of the most sought after cards in tarot, when the Lovers appears, it’s typically a positive omen for romance. However, the Lovers is far more than just a card of love. While it represents union, that partnership can take the form of something besides romantic love. A business partnership, a creative collaboration, a close friendship; these can all be indicated by the Lovers. Regardless of the emotion behind the union, one thing is for sure; it will bring much joy, harmony, and positivity.

The second aspect of this card is that of moral choice. The Seeker may be facing a tough decision, one that pits vice against virtue. In this instance, the advice is to carefully deliberate on the options available, and the possible consequences. The Lovers certainly bring love and passion, but with that comes lust. What one desires may not be what serves them best, so surrendering to temptation can bring about a destructive energy.

The Lovers tarot card from the Shadowscapes Tarot
These Lovers embrace while doves hover. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

A Closer Look:

Associated with Gemini, the Lovers are blessed and protected by Raphael, the angel of Air. Air represents communication, a vital component for a healthy relationship. Five apples appear on the tree behind the woman; these represent the five senses, indicating the importance of sensual romance to the woman. The snake reflects the story of Adam and Eve, and how the temptations of the earthly world can bring about a fall from grace. In the man’s case, the flaming tree represents his primary concern; passion. With twelve flames, all signs of the zodiac are represented, reflecting time and eternity.

Note how the man looks to the woman, yet she looks up to Raphael. This represents the path of the conscious (man to woman) to the subconscious (woman to angel) to the super-conscious (the angel looking down at both). In other words; the path of physical desire to emotional needs and moving on to spiritual concerns.

The mountain is a phallic symbol, but balanced against it, the feminine symbol of water via the clouds at the base of the angel.

The Lovers trust in one another. Their bond is a strong one, and with it, they both know they can face and overcome most of life’s challenges. Their passion runs deeper than the flash-in-the-pan lust of a quick fling. Their physical attraction promises a deep, intimate connection on which a solid relationship can form.

Personal beliefs, values, and morals also come into play with the Lovers. This card may appear when a Seeker is establishing their own personal values and settling into a belief system. They’re figuring out what makes them tick, how they wish to live, and already have a good grasp on what they believe to be important and unimportant in life. If they’re challenged by external forces, the Lovers indicate the Seeker must stay true to themselves and remain their authentic self instead of being swayed into a belief system that undermines the personal work already achieved. It’s a case of balancing heart and head.

A life-changing decision is another major aspect of the Lovers. When this card appears, it indicates an incoming dilemma, one that demands a decision. The Seeker will need to proceed with caution, and consider all aspects of the situation. On the face of it, the circumstance may appear negative, but typically, when the Lovers appear in this instance, it hints at a shift in course, one that often turns out to be a blessing in disguise. While the temptation might be there to pick the easy option, or the one you desire the most (hence the temptation of the snake!) often, it’s the more difficult path that will deliver the more beneficial outcome.

Think back to the Fool and his leap of faith into the unknown. His choice held no wrong, but he’s now matured, his personal belief system forms and he must consider all potential outcomes to stay aligned to his true self. Yes, some of those values may be challenged, and he may even reform some of his beliefs, but overall, it’s vital he remains on the right path. He needs to choose with a balance between heart and head.

So, while many assume the Lovers to mean impending true love and connecting with a soul mate, it’s a far deeper message. The Lovers represent a bond that can weather any storm, a union that enriches life, but also a connection to self that allows one to truly align with their soul and walk through life with confidence in their values and morals.

The lovers tarot card from the Tarot de Carlotydes deck
Gustav Klimt vibes with this Lovers from the Tarot de Carlotydes version! I love the hearts in the tree.

The Lovers in Fiction:

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Morticia and Gomez Addams, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Eowyn and Faramir from Lord of the Rings, and of course, Tara and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as seen in the card above!

These couples faced many challenges as they came together, including prejudice and criticism, but they stuck to their guns, knowing the bond they formed would see them through. Okay, maybe not in Romeo and Juliet’s case . . .

The lovers tarot card from the Pride Tarot
An army of Lovers celebrating love in all its beautiful forms from the Pride Tarot.

The Lovers in Motion:

Once you’ve caught your breath and the butterflies settle, the beauty of the Lovers is its demand for longevity. It’s not interested in a one-night-stand. It wants deep, intimate, harmonious connection. That only comes about with time. Attraction is of course an important starting point in any relationship, but once those lustful flames calm, that’s when the true work begins.

Lovers energy kicks in when the conversation gets deep, when both parties begin to investigate the others morals, values, and personal beliefs. Yes, passion may still burn, but there’s a shift into a greater intimacy, one where hearts, minds, and souls come together. Even in a platonic or business partnership, there’s that initial moment where a connection becomes apparent. A simple discussion may unexpectedly reveal someone who thinks along the same lines as you, matches your drive, and already stirs inspiration in you. From there, collaboration demands getting under the hood, figuring out how each others’ skills and talents can be put to best use, and realising how high you may soar when working in unison.

Looking for a little Lovers inspired music? Try these few examples. Links take you straight to Spotify where available.

Did you ever have to make up your mind? Pick up on one and leave the other one behind It's not often easy, and not often kind Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Did you ever have to finally decide? Say yes to one and let the other one ride There's so many changes, and tears you must hide Did you ever have to finally decide?

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need I love you more with every breath truly, madly, deeply do I will be strong, I will be faithful 'cause I'm counting on A new beginnin' A reason for livin' A deeper meaning, yeah

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time I keep the ends out for the tie that binds Because you're mine, I walk the line I find it very, very easy to be true I find myself alone when each day is through Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you Because you 're mine, I walk the line

'Cause all of me Loves all of you Love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections Give your all to me I'll give my all to you You're my end and my beginning Even when I lose, I'm winning 'Cause I give you all of me And you give me all of you, oh-oh

The Lovers tarot card from the Edmund Dulac Tarot
The Lovers from the Edmund Dulac Tarot in a lush garden. No snakes here . . .

The Lovers in Creativity:

When inspiration strikes, you’ve got that lovely blast of Ace energy. The mind races with possibility and ideas. Sometimes, we don’t move past that Ace energy; for whatever reason, the project never forms. But when it does, and the mind has moved into the tangible state of doing, that’s when Lovers energy kicks in.

Think back to a project where you just knew in your bones it would be a success. Every time you thought about it, your heart thumped and butterflies fluttered. Once the work began, you found yourself truly connected with your work, maybe even on a level that felt like you’d been blessed by some unseen divine force. It may have felt raw, unshaped, and wild, but you knew it would form something outstanding, something that would inspire, stir awe, and endure.

Lovers energy also embodies a beneficial collaboration, where like-minded creatives join forces and their combined skills and talents produce outstanding work. Have you ever experienced a moment where you just clicked with a fellow creative? You may have both worked with different disciplines, but you instantly knew this person rode the same wavelength as you, and that a joint venture—or even just their friendship and support—would enrich your lives. Yep, that’s Lovers energy, too!

The Lovers tarot card from the Heaven & Earth tarot
The Lovers in the Heaven & Earth Tarot only have eyes for each other.

Symbolism for The Lovers:

Sun: Warmth, life-force, and security. Energy and joy.

Red Wings: Passion, love.

Purple Cloak: Royalty, and the importance of communication.

Snake: The five senses, a fall from grace

5 Apples: Each of the 5 senses, and how sensuality is important to the woman.

Fiery tree: Represents the passion of man. 12 flames, one for each sign of the zodiac representing the infinity of time.

Green earth: Fertility, life and happiness.

Clouds: The elements of Air and Water, also representing feminine aspects.

Mountain: Security, but also a phallic symbol of man, reaching for the feminine element of water.

Astrological Correspondences:

The Lovers is associated with Gemini, an air sign with a nature of ‘I think’. Curious, witty, and intellectual, Gemini is also a free sprit, and with the communicative and intelligence of the planetary influence of Mercury, it certainly reflects the expressive nature of the Lovers.

Uniting with The Lovers: A Tarot Spread.

Using the Lovers as a focal point, shuffle and draw while thinking about the questions. Journal your thoughts, or take a photo so you can refer back to the reading at a later date. If you’ve read using any of the previous 6 cards, what new insights appear? Any repeat messages or synchronicities?

How can I improve communication?

What area of my life would sensuality benefit?

Where does passion wait for me?

Where should I use logic over lust?

How can I express my feelings more?

A message from the Lovers

The lovers tarot card from the Tarot Illuminati
Interpretive dance anyone? While this Lovers card always makes me giggle, it's certainly a striking image from the Tarot Illuminati

Journal Prompts:

How hard and fast do I fall in love?

Does my heart rule my head?

How do I typically behave in a romantic relationship?

What makes me feel vulnerable, and do I hide it?

Which personal value do I hold most precious?

What values have shifted over time?

Do I choose the easy path every time?

The Lovers tarot card reversed
The Lovers Reversed. All is not well in the Garden of Eden . . .

The Lovers Reversed:

When the Lovers appear reversed, we’ve got disharmony. Love has slipped away, and in its place there may be resentment, thoughts of revenge, and typically, a disconnect. It may be that one half of the partnership has stopped pulling their weight, are shying away from commitment, or passion has burned out and what’s left isn’t enough to sustain the relationship. It can sometimes be the involvement of a third party, too, not necessarily an affair, but meddling from friends or family.

Sometimes, the Lovers reversed can indicate a toxic relationship, where both parties remain, but feed off the negative energy which can be fuelled by abuse or sex. Here, poor lifestyle choices, along with a lack of morals can bring about behaviour that tends to spiral unless addressed.

Another message with the Lovers reversed is uncertainty, where the Seeker is simply unsure about the partnership. There may be seeds of doubt sown by external forces, or behaviours the Seeker feels are red flags. Typically, the surrounding cards can help to clarify the issue in this case.

When it comes to moral dilemmas, the reversed Lovers indicates veering off the correct path. A tricky situation has prompted the Seeker to take the easy way out, and by doing so, they ignore their personal values and morals. Ethics are skewed, temptation has gained control, and in general, the Seeker has become misaligned with their true selves.

Decks Featured:

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Codex Obscurus Tarot (kickstarter)

The Lovers tarot card from Codex Obscuros Tarot
In this Lovers card from Codex Obscurus, who's passing who the apple? Note the two cats at their feet.

Spend the next few days getting to know the the Lovers. Seek them out in music, lyrics, poetry, books, art. TV/Movie characters or well known people. What about those around you? Who amongst your friends/family/colleagues embodies Lovers energy? Where would their harmonious vibes benefit your life—and what might change with it? Have you ever sat down and really considered your personal values and ethics? Consider taking time to write your beliefs and how they shape your behaviours.

If you journal, write about your experience. Discovering your own personal associations is a fantastic way to connect with the themes of any card, so if a connection clicks, keep note of it. Associating a card with a person, song, or character forges a solid understanding that has personal meaning, and works way better than simply rote learning the meanings. The main thing is to enjoy the process.

Consider too how the Lovers impact the Fool’s journey. He’s matured a lot since that first leap. As the first card of the Major Arcana to feature a couple, what do you think this represents for the Fool’s progress? Has he formed a closer relationship and deeper understanding of both his internal versus external world? Is he now mature enough to form his own personal belief system? Or has he simply swiped right and found someone to hang with while he travels? What about the Hierophant at the Fool’s rear? What sage advice might he impart?

Further Resources:

If you’re looking for guidance on journaling you can check out the post here. Likewise, for recommended books on tarot, hop to the Resources section where all the books are linked for easy access to Amazon. (No affiliation!)

The Chariot is up next, a powerhouse of a card bringing intent, control, and victory! Until then, enjoy going within. Let me know how you and the Lovers bond. I’d love to hear associations you make, especially when they’re pop-culture based. You can reach me at if you’d like to chat!

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