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Tarot tracker sheet free to download

Tarot Tracker

This free download is a great addition to your tarot journal once you've progressed past the learning stages, but continue to draw daily or weekly. Over a period of weeks or months, it will highlight if draws favour a particular suit, repeated numbers or cards, or, spooky; if you're being stalked by an individual card.

How to use the tarot tracker

This Tarot Tracker is a nifty little tool. Pop it inside your journal and record every card drawn, whether it's an individual card or a full spread. You'll soon discern any trends developing.


Prompts for journaling.


An abundance or lack of suits? If so, consider the following:


What areas of your life are in sharp focus?

Are you favouring these are in preference of others?

Do missing/minimal suits mirror what is missing from your life right now?

What steps can you take to change this, and what card represents the changes you aspire to make?


If you're being stalked by a particular card, examine why.

How is the card's energy reflected in your life right now?

Why do you feel the card is stalking you? What message does it want to impart?

Are you taking on the message, or ignoring it?

How does this card make you feel? Are there positive or negative emotions attached?

If you embraced the card's energy, how do you think it will impact you?

Numerology also plays an important role in tarot, so consider any repeating numbers as these too can hold messages. For example, an abundance of Fives can indicate struggle and conflict. Twos reflect on partnerships, communication and relationships. Again, study where these aspects echo in your life and respond accordingly.

Depending on the deck you're using, you can also compare symbols, colours and imagery for common themes. A tarot tracker provides you with a bird's eye view of your draws, and will greatly expand your understanding and connection, so have fun as you peel back even more layers!

Tarot Tracker Free Download

The tracker is on a blank background for you to add your own creative touches or print on decorative paper.

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