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Welcome to Creative Soul Tarot!


I’m Julie, an intuitive tarot reader and creative.


My mission is to empower creatives with enhanced decision making and a deeper sense of self to restore and strengthen creative flow.


I provide honest, empathetic readings accompanied by personalised rituals and prompts.


In this friendly space, curious seekers can also find informative, uncomplicated, and fun content. And for those developing their own tarot practice, there’s guidance, knowledge, and encouragement aplenty.

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What's New On The Blog?

Interview with Enlightened empaths

I recently had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Denise Correll on her and Samantha Fey's Enlightened Empaths podcast, where we nattered about tarot, trees, and intuition. To listen to the podcast via Spotify, click here!

Tarot Services

Creative block? A new life chapter? Seized by doubt? Relationship woes?

If you're ready for enrichment and enhancement in your life, check out what's on offer in the Tarot Services menu.


Slam it out on the kitchen table. A 3 card reading to identify and banish that pesky dilemma dulling your day. No starter, sides, or dessert, just a true wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, tarot style.

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Have you hit a wall with creative endeavours? Suffering from a lack of inspiration and/or motivation? Perhaps you’re unsure about which direction to take, or doubting your abilities. If progression has ground to a halt, you’re likely frustrated, and worried. The Dig Out is here to help!

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Are you ready to begin a new life chapter? Setting up a new business, planning a career move, or undertaking a substantial project may have confidence shaky and overwhelm already knocking. I’ve Got Your Back will arm you with everything necessary as you begin this new phase.

The Creative Soul Tarot Journal!

Reflecting how the Fool seeks adventure and learning, the Creative Soul Tarot Journal is aimed at both beginner and intermediate tarot practitioners. Lovingly crafted for those who crave dedicated daily journaling pages, ways to work with the moon’s phases, and a place to gain insight while cultivating intuition and spiritual development, this journal will assist with building on your current practice while providing new inspiration.

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