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Holly Lyne, Author

I decided to get a reading from Julie after following her readings for creatives on Instagram for a while. ​I was feeling the need for a little direction at a time when I was feeling rudderless.


​Julie's reading was so helpful and reassuring.

The cards seemed to accurately reflect what was going on in my life at the time.

Julie was thoughtful, empathetic and professional. It was a really positive experience.

Sharon Brown, Editor

I booked a reading with Julie as a good luck gift for my daughter who had a book tour coming up.


Not only did Julie do a full Celtic Cross for my daughter, she threw in a free 3 card reading for me as well.


Julie was spot on! There were things going on in my daughter's life that Julie had no way of knowing, yet her reading brought clarity to events that were happening at the time, and upon review, even now.  


Julie is a lovely person, and that resonates throughout her talent with Tarot. What started as a fun gift, turned into a thought provoking experience for us both. I highly recommend Julie, she takes her time, and puts all of her heart and energy into what she does

Karina Brown, Author

My mom reached out to Julie and asked her to do a reading for me as a surprise! We chose to do a reading on my career, and see what sort of things would line up for my future.

I do believe that people have connections and insights when it comes to reading other's futures/fortunes- but nonetheless it still blew my mind when Julie sent my results back. The cards not only answered some of my questions on my career; but they also touched on other things that were going on in my life too that Julie had no insight on whatsoever.


Upon re-reading my results too, I realize that one of the predictions just came true recently! It's really fascinating to see it all weave together with what is going on in my life. Her reading really hit me right on the head!

My experience with her services was terrific, and the things she told me left me with a lot to think about. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for some answers! 

Cat Gepner, HR Professional

I heard of Julie through the Enlightened Empaths podcast. I was seeking general guidance to help me connect with my creative self, and also heal from past experiences growing up.


Julie was able to provide valuable insight into my personal journey. I now have personalized rituals and an overall roadmap for how my year can play out.  The email reading is unique!  I have had online video readings, mail readings, and chat meetings. This provided the perfect blend of accessibility but allowed me to reflect on the reading and ask follow-up questions.


This has been an enjoyable and positive experience.  I love having personalized rituals and the larger pictures of the cards.  The email reading was not generic and read like a letter instead of internet research.