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A Samhain Tarot Spread

Hello Creatives!

Samhain blessings to you all! I hope you’re enjoying spooky season and ready for the Trick-or-Treaters! Although I had planned to post a Tarot for Creatives this week, my book release* – which is happening today – and a couple of other factors put a spanner in the works. But so as not to leave you without for the week, here’s a Samhain spread to celebrate this special day. It asks:

What is being revealed as the Veil thins?

What remains hidden?

What needs to change at this time?

A message from your ancestors

A Samhain Tarot Spread

And here’s the reading I did for us as a collective!

Tarot cards on a wooden surface
King of Wands, 4 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, and The Magician. Deck: Heaven & Earth Tarot

The fiery King of Wands brings a message of creative mastery. An energy of influence and inspiration, it speaks of leadership and charisma. Confidence surrounds this card, suggesting an emerging sense of self-worth. Take a moment to reflect on all your achievements. Look back with pride and wisdom. As you take another step forward, remember what lies in your foundation and how it can inspire others—perhaps even yourself if you’re feeling uncertain or shy at this time. The King’s dominant masculine energy may be a new influence in your creative life. If so, feel it out. Apply its belief and motivation to what you do, and see where it takes you.

Stability within finances and business matters may not be obvious to you right now, but appearing in the What Remains Hidden position, it indicates you’re more secure than you may perceive. However, while fours typically represent stability, with the 4 of Pentacles, balance is key when it comes to finances. Consider where you might be tying your purse strings too tight, or, when there may be too much spending. Greed can influence both behaviours, so reflect on how you’re controlling your finances. Overall, aspects of your financial health are not obvious at this time, so ensure you run a health check to ascertain what needs tweaking.

The Ace of Cups brings a new emotional beginning. It’s a card flowing with inspiration and intuition. Where would openness of heart benefit your life? What about how you typically approach creative projects; would coming at them from a new angle shift your creative flow? Change in how you nurture your emotions and creative inspiration is required. Explore this idea with an open mind. Perhaps you’ve already been considering a new tactic; new social media content, a change of medium, or genre. It may be that you’re re-framing how you look at important relationships in your life. Regardless, approach your ideas with curiosity, and consider how a change in tactic could reshape current processes and/or connections. Whatever new horizons open, with the Ace of Cups, you can be assured they’ll be promising.

The creative Magician carries yet another message of our creative potential. The message from our ancestors tells us we’re in control. We have everything required to stride ahead and manifest our goals. Willpower is your best friend right now. Commit to your goals, flick aside distractions, and lean into all your skills and talents to craft your future. ‘You’ve got this!’ they say. ‘Go forth and be your amazing self!’ The Magician can sometimes warn of trickery, so keep your eyes open. Proceed with integrity. Now is not the time for chicanery or short cuts.

Samhain Blessings, Creative Souls!

PS: If you're seeking more Samhain inspiration, check out this post on Ways to Celebrate Samhain.


*It's book release day, and if you're curious, this link will take you to my author website, where you can check out Moonstone & Mugwort, a captivating dark paranormal fantasy.

When the past sabotages your present, is it ever possible to salvage your future?

A cursed heirloom, a looming eclipse, and a gifted witch.

Manacled by her family’s curse, Ava O’Keefe is no stranger to contending with paranormal beings, craving the power she protects. But when an enigmatic vampire draws her into his business, the grave consequences should she fail to harness her magick for his demands, promise devastating supernatural chaos.

Moonstone & Mugwort launches the compelling dark fantasy Oath & Legacy series, simmering with supernatural characters challenged by duty and shaped by heritage. As the past sabotages the present, what will become of the future?

Moonstone & Mugwort contains:

Kick-Ass heroine

Enemies to lovers

Held against will

Vampire and witch romance

Fade to black


A cliffhanger ending

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