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Deck Review: Talk, Tarot & Tea Oracle Deck by Laura Seed

Talk, Tarot & Tea is a stunning oracle deck bringing a truly immersive experience to the user as artist Laura Seed combines oracle with tea, journal prompts, angels, and crystals!

Disclaimer: This is my first video which means it's my first attempt at using editing software and graphics, and yes, it's a little rough around the edges, but with practice, I'll improve!

Laura Seed of Inner Wild Fire hails from Liverpool in the UK, but currently lives in Ireland. She's a spiritual artist and graphic designer, who also teaches women's circles and art therapy classes, along with reading tarot and oracle. This is her first deck, which she has created to encourage a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Talk, Tarot & Tea was inspired by Laura's work with tarot and oracle over a fifteen-year period, where she found herself incorporating multiple decks and resources in order to gather the required healing tools. Her deck works on three levels; Mind, Body, and Soul, while also expanding the message by partnering each card with a specific tea, crystal, and Archangel. With this immersive experience, this oracle deck gifts more than the simple takeaway message most decks deliver these days. With extensive journal prompts and an affirmation for each card, she encourages deeper contemplation. So stick on the kettle, and as you sip on a healing brew, reflect on your message for the day from this beautiful oracle deck.

You can find Laura at her website, but also on Instagram TikTok Pinterest, and Facebook


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