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How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Tarot

Three Tarot Spreads to Illuminate your Path this Solstice Season!

The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer or Litha, lands Thursday, June 20th 2024. A time of abundant light and energy, it marks the longest day of the year. This ancient celebration honours the sun at its zenith, inviting us to bask in the warmth and vitality it brings. As we connect with nature and the cycles of the earth, tarot can be a powerful tool to deepen our understanding and intentions during this vibrant season. Here are three tarot spreads designed to celebrate the Summer Solstice, each focusing on themes of light, growth, and transformation.

Grab your favourite tarot or oracle deck, a pen and journal, and maybe even some sunscreen, and I'll show you how to celebrate the Summer Solstice with tarot!

Path of the Sun Tarot Spread

The Path of the Sun spread helps you to align with the energy of the solstice by exploring your personal journey and illuminating the path ahead. This first spread consists of five cards arranged in a linear path, symbolizing the sun's trajectory across the sky.

1. Sunrise: What new beginnings or opportunities are emerging for me?

2. Noon: Where in my life is my energy most potent and vibrant?

3. Afternoon: What challenges might I face, and how can I overcome them?

4. Sunset: What should I let go of as I move forward?

5.Twilight: What wisdom can I carry with me into the next cycle?

Here's how to interpret your draw:

Sunrise: This card represents the dawn of new ideas, projects, or phases in your life. It signifies the potential that the solstice brings.

Noon: At the peak of the day, this card highlights where your strengths and passions lie. It’s a call to harness your full power.

Afternoon: Here, you uncover potential obstacles and learn how to navigate them, using the light of the solstice to guide you.

Sunset: This card symbolizes release and closure, necessary for growth. It encourages you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Twilight: As the day ends, this card offers insights and lessons to integrate, ensuring that the wisdom of the solstice endures.


Radiance Tarot Spread

The Radiance Spread focuses on the light within and around you, helping you to radiate positivity and attract abundance. This spread uses seven cards arranged in a circular pattern, representing the sun's radiant energy.

1. Inner Light: What is the core of my inner strength and light?

2. Self-Worth: How can I better appreciate and value myself?

3. Growth: In what area of my life am I experiencing the most growth?

4. Connections: How can I strengthen my relationships and connections?

5. Creativity: Where can I channel my creative energy?

6. Abundance: What abundance is flowing into my life?

7. Gratitude: For what should I be most grateful at this time?

How to interpret your Radiance draw:

Inner Light: This central card reveals your fundamental source of inner power and illumination.

Self-Worth: A reflection on self-love and recognition, encouraging you to embrace your inherent value.

Growth: Identifies areas where your personal development is thriving, aligning with the solstice's theme of flourishing.

Connections: Highlights ways to nurture and enhance your relationships, fostering community and support.

Creativity: Inspires you to express yourself and explore new creative endeavours during this dynamic season.

Abundance: Shows the areas of your life where abundance is manifesting, inviting you to welcome prosperity.

Gratitude: Encourages mindfulness and appreciation for the blessings and achievements in your life.


The Fire Within Tarot Spread

The Fire Within Spread taps into the transformative power of the solstice, focusing on personal evolution and igniting inner passion. This spread uses six cards arranged in a flame-like pattern, symbolizing the fire element associated with the summer sun.

1. Spark: What ignites my passion and enthusiasm?

2. Fuel: What sustains and energizes me?

3. Blaze: How can I maximize my potential and shine brightly?

4. Flare: What hidden talents or qualities can I bring to light?

5. Embers: What needs to be released to avoid burnout?

6. Ashes: What transformation is emerging from the old?

How to interpret your Fire Within draw:

Spark: This card identifies the source of your excitement and drive, helping you to focus on what truly motivates you.

Fuel: Reveals what nourishes and maintains your energy levels, crucial for sustaining your pursuits.

Blaze: Encourages you to shine and use your abilities to their fullest potential, embracing your moment of glory.

Flare: Unveils hidden aspects of yourself that can contribute to your success and fulfilment.

Embers: Advises on what to release or let go of to maintain balance and prevent exhaustion.

Ashes: Represents rebirth and renewal, showcasing how you can rise transformed from past experiences.

The Summer Solstice is a potent time to connect with the cycles of nature and the energy of the sun. By using tarot to explore themes of light, growth, and transformation, you can harness the solstice's vibrant energy to illuminate your path, nurture your inner radiance, and ignite your passions. Whether you choose to follow the Sun's Path, bask in your Radiance, or kindle the Fire Within, these tarot spreads can help you celebrate the solstice with intention and insight. Embrace the light and let it guide you to your highest potential!

How will you be celebrating the Solstice? Will tarot have a part to play? I'd love to hear how you celebrate, so reach out to me at


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