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How to Make & Use Moon Water

Thursday, 11th August 2022 brings the fourth and final Supermoon of 2022. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth, so it appears larger in the sky. With this proximity, we can expect to feel the Moon’s energies that little stronger, so it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on moon water for our magick cupboards.

History on the practice of making and working with moon water is thin on the ground. Some sources claim it can be traced back to the 1800s, with its origins in witchcraft. Others reference an Ancient Greek ritual, where tools of the craft and weapons were placed under the Sun or Moon for blessings. Charging water wasn’t part of this practice, but there are suggestions our present day tradition may stem from these ancient customs. So, while it may be a more recent practice within the spiritual community, its potential lack of ancient mystical roots doesn’t take from the fact that moon water is a popular, effective, and multi-use tool, and best of all, is completely free!

A crow silhouetted a full moon

Moon water is simply water which is left out under the Moon. The water is charged by the moon’s energy, and can be utilised in numerous ways, including spells, cleansing, protecting, and charging. There are many opinions out there on which phases are the best, or in some cases, not the best, under which to charge water. Go with what feels right to you. As long as you work with positive and pure intent, you can’t go wrong.

Moon phases

Wondering how to work with the different phases? If, for example, you were working on releasing bad habits, water charged anytime between a Full Moon and the Third Quarter could be used in ritual. If you want a boost for an upcoming project, water charged under a New Moon would be ideal. Here's a list of phase properties.

Moon Phase Properties

New Moon: New beginnings, setting intentions, a reset. A time for introspection.

Waxing Crescent: Manifesting, action, a boost for our intentions.

First Quarter: Perseverance, overcoming challenges, a time to make decisions.

Waxing Gibbous: Endurance, refinement, clarifying ideas.

Full Moon: Illumination, culmination, release what doesn’t serve, give gratitude, reflect.

Waning Gibbous: Take stock of intentions, express gratitude, release what doesn’t serve.

Third Quarter: Set boundaries, cleanse emotionally and physically, release bad habits.

Waning Crescent: Recuperation, recharge, self-care, reflection.

Small dish holding water and moonstone crystals on an altar
Moon water on my altar. I keep moonstone chips in the water too.

I like to keep a bottle of both Full and New Moon water. I have a small dish on my main altar that I keep topped up with moon water, and depending on whatever ritual or working is in motion, I ensure the moon water fits the intention.

Charging water under an eclipse is another debated topic. Eclipses are traditionally a time for releasing, with shadows being cast aside to reveal that which has been hidden. Many witches say water should not be charged during a lunar eclipse as the energy is chaotic and unstable, so not ideal for powering workings. But many love to use the power of this powerful energy to supercharge their workings. Again, it’s entirely up to the practitioner. Arm yourself with knowledge before you make a final decision, and as always, listen to your intuition. If you’re new to moon water and witchcraft in general, I’d advise experiencing the gentler moon phases before working with wilder eclipse energy.

zodiac map against a starry sky

When a New or Full Moon rolls around, it’s also worth noting which zodiac sign is associated with the moon. The Full Moon on August 11th 2022 is in Aquarius, so with the Full Moon bringing illumination, culmination, and release, and Aquarius associated with inventiveness, curiosity, intuition, and psychic ability, you can expect the Full Moon to heighten all these aspects. Therefore, water charged under this moon could be used for workings centred around psychic ability, intuition, or creative endeavours. When you consider the combinations of full moons paired with the zodiac signs, it leaves us with a multitude of energies with which we could charge water, but do bear in mind that the zodiac aspect will be different for everyone. In your natal chart, the house impacted by the full moon dictates the area of your life it will affect, so you may feel very little of the zodiac influence.

How the Full Moon affects Zodiac Signs

Aries Full Moon: ‘I am’. Momentous, fiery energy for this cardinal fire sign. An instigator and go-getter attitude. A great time to start a new project or persevere to completion. With such high passion, it can be explosive emotionally, so if you’re the kind to make impulsive decisions or act recklessly, be mindful of the impact of this moon.

Taurus Full Moon: ‘I have’. Indulgence and self-care are the themes of a fixed earth Taurus full moon, so a peaceful, relaxing vibe is in play. It likes emotional stability, sensuality, and comfort, so consider slowing down, chilling out, and enjoying self-care. With the fixed earth nature of this sign, watch out for becoming so embedded in downtime, it’s hard to get back to work.

Gemini Full Moon: ‘I think’. Emotional clarity comes with the mutable air sign of Gemini. It’s a great time for expressing yourself and engaging in written communication. When the moon is in Gemini, you may find it easier to share in deeper conversation, and spend more time with intellectual pursuits. Gemini’s turn-on-a-dime and chatty nature can lead to emotional upheaval, and oversharing/overthinking, so be mindful of this aspect when engaging in heart-to-hearts.

Cancer Full Moon: ‘I care’. Cancer is the Moon’s ruling planet, so it’s right at home here, especially when it comes to connecting with intuition, emotions, and feeling. Cancer is a water sign, so healing and cleansing rituals would be beneficial at this time. Blockages can be released more efficiently during a Cancer full moon, while home concerns such as family, loved ones, and overall stability can take centre stage.

Leo Full Moon: ‘I will’. A fixed fire sign, Leo is a proud, passionate and creative energy. Be shameless at this time! Reach for goals with confidence and courage, and be sure to acknowledge your worth. It’s a heart-focused energy, so emotional expression can be heightened, manifesting itself in creative ways. The flip side to this powerful full moon energy can bring inflated ego and pride, dramatics, and a touch of self-centredness.

Virgo Full Moon: ‘I analyse’. Planning is Virgo’s strength. It loves organisation and problem solving. Expect to feel the need for order during a full moon in this mutable earth sign. Virgo also connects the spiritual to the physical, so routine in areas of health and emotions are in focus too. This active energy can prompt release, so welcome the opportunity to clean mind, body, spirit, and your home. Watch out for overanalysing at this time.

Libra Full Moon: ‘We are.’ Another chill full moon comes with the cardinal air sign of Libra. Balance, beauty and peace are themes for this season, and while you may have a greater drive to socialise than normal, you want it to be a chill, relaxed, happy affair. Libra loves to add beauty to the world, so the Full Moon is a great time to reflect on what you both put in, and how you react with the world. Balance is key with Libra, so too much Libra energy might manifest as a lack of harmony.

Scorpio Full Moon: ‘I desire’. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio loves diving deep, especially when it comes to personal transformation. The full moon will illuminate that which needs releasing, and Scorpio energy, which loves the spiritual witchy vibes of this season, will jump on board with gusto to get that inner transformation underway. The house in your natal chart where Scorpio sits indicates the area where you feel deeply. With the fixed aspect of this sign, it means you may feel rooted in this spot, and can be obsessive about what to let go.

Sagittarius Full Moon: ‘I perceive’. A philosophical, wandering, and curious soul are the themes of this mutable fire sign. Sagittarius wants broad horizons, expansion, and exploration. A Full Moon in this sign stirs up deep thinking within the emotional zone, reflection on higher-level concepts, and plucking through the roots of wisdom. A great time to dream big and consider your faith system. But do watch out for overthinking, and rebellion.

Capricorn Full Moon: ‘I use’. With Capricorn the opposite sign to Cancer, the moon isn’t as cosy here. It’s not a touch-feely moon, more one of industrious discipline, so really, a time to focus on goals and responsibilities. It can almost feel emotionally detached, so aloofness can crop up during this season. Capricorn is a workaholic, wanting to push ahead while already thinking of the next project. A cardinal earth sign, it’s extremely grounded and not one for flights of fancy.

Aquarius Full Moon: ‘I know’. This fixed air sign is all about humanity, inventiveness, and objectivity. An Aquarius full moon will have you thinking more about society that your emotions, and with this objective approach, solutions can be found through clever and creative thinking. One of the more psychic signs of the zodiac signs, Aquarius just ‘knows’ so heightened intuition and psychic abilities can occur during this season. Aquarius energy can be misread as kooky, but it’s more that they’re fully open to looking beyond and are happy to break rules along the way. Look at how you can be your authentic self during a Full Moon in Aquarius, but don’t get too carried away!

Pisces Full Moon: ‘I believe’. A mutable water sign, Pisces is a dreamer. With its fluid, intuitive, and emotional intelligence, its a perfect moon for when you are open to analysing emotions. This is a wonderful moon for creatives, as all the spiritual gifts are in play; dreams, intuition, and psychic abilities. With such sensitive and ethereal vibes, life can take on an almost poetic tint. Explore your inner world at this time, work magick, and embrace whatever creative inspiration comes your way. You may feel overly empathic and vulnerable at this time, so do remember to stay rooted in your emotional intelligence as you ride the ether.

New moon in a black sky

For New Moons, the energy is lower and more introspective, so the aspect of each sign above will be lessened bringing more thinking than action within the specific areas. There’ll be a greater focus on how you can manifest these energies, or where they can be rejuvenated as opposed to actively working with them. If you’re interested in generating your natal chart, check out Alabe where your chart can be created for free. (Please note, I have no affiliation with this site!)

How to Make Moon Water

Glass bottles with lids
Ensure your container is clean and can be sealed

To prepare for making moon water, simply choose a clean, clear container. Most opt for a glass jar or bottle—something with a secure lid. Fill the container with clean water from a tap, spring, bottled mineral water, or where rain water has collected. We’re permitted to collect rainwater here in Ireland, so I always fill my containers from a sealed water barrel. It’s more natural than the treated water that comes out of the tap, but because it’s rain water, and has run down the roof and through gutters on the way into the barrel, I don’t ever consume it. If you’re hoping to drink the water you charge, I would recommend using safe bottled water, and leave the container sealed while it’s charging.

Some prefer to work with a clear glass bowl and transfer the water to a sealed container once it’s charged. I use glass jars and bottles with corks for my moon water. I also ensure they’re sealed, as I have curious cats, rowdy seagulls, and mischievous magpies in my garden, so an open bowl or container isn’t a good idea.

Place the container in a spot where it can soak up the light of the moon. If outdoors is not an option, it will work just as well placed on an inner window sill. There are numerous phone apps which will detail the exact time of the Moon’s phases if you want to be sure you have it out at the peak times, but as long as you leave the container out for the night, your water will be charged. It’s best to label the container, especially if you plan to work with the different moon phases and zodiac signs and are building up a collection of containers. If you collect rain water, be aware that there are tiny organisms in the water, and the older it gets, the water may turn murky or contain tiny green flecks.

Water in a glass jar and bottle against a tree
My water in situ under the Rowan tree in my garden.

You might like to place crystals beside the container for an added boost of magickal goodness. You can also speak your intent over the container, or give a blessing. Say, for example, you’re recuperating from an illness and are charging water under a Waning Crescent, an affirmation such as 'I am healed, I am strong, I am revitalised' would be ideal.

A glass bottle filled with herbs and essential oils
Check the link below for how to make magickal waters for your home

Uses for Moon Water

  • Place in a spray bottle and add herbs, oils, or crystals to make a room spray for protection, cleansing, healing, etc. Ideal if smoke incense isn’t an option.

  • A base or addition for magickal cleansing waters for use around the home.

  • Placed on an altar for use with workings or ritual. Or simply just to represent the element of water.

  • Cleansing an altar and its tools. Using water charged with the energy of your intent will boost magickal workings.

  • Cleansing and charging crystals and jewellery. Take care not to soak soluble crystals!

  • Watering plants. Our leafy friends appreciate magick water too. If you’re ‘growing’ an intention in the soil of a plant, moon water is a great way to energise the spell.

  • Added to bath water, especially if taking a ritual bath before, during, or after a working.

  • Added to skin products, or for washing your face.

  • Added to teas, or taken straight. (Only if safe to consume.)

  • Placed in a work space to promote creativity, focus, etc. A spray mix would be great for this purpose too.

  • Working with deity associated with the moon, such as Selene, Luna, Diana or Hecate, or as an offering.

With Thursday 11th August the final Supermoon for 2022, grab this chance to make yourself a container of juicy moon water, and have fun with using it around the home or with your spiritual practice. I’d love to hear your experiences with moon water whether you’re trying it out for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro. You can reach me at

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