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In Conversation with Guided by Luna

Meet Anna Bartyzel, the soulful, driving force behind Guided by Luna. She's a tarot reader, spiritual & holistic life coach, and an energy healer! I'm delighted to welcome Anna and be In Conversation with Guided by Luna!

Guided by Luna
Anna, known to many as Luna, at home with her cards. Deck: The Shaman's Dream Oracle

Anna, welcome to Creative Soul Tarot! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today about all things tarot and spirituality. I have so many questions for you, so let's begin!

J: First, tell everyone a little about yourself

Anna: Hello! I'm Anna, the heart and soul of Guided by Luna. I'm an intuitive tarot card reader, spiritual and holistic life coach, as well as an energy healer.

I was born under the sign of Gemini, with the Moon and rising in Pisces. My journey into the realms of transcendence, energy as well as parapsychology and extraterrestrial beings began during my teenage years, followed by an interest in the mystical and magical aspects of life. With a deep connection to the spiritual realm, I channel my intuitive abilities to provide transformative insights through card readings.

As a holistic life coach, I am committed to guiding individuals on their path of self-discovery, helping them to unlock their inner potential, and fostering a harmonious balance in their lives. My energy healing practices further contribute to creating a positive and healing space for those seeking holistic well-being. Through my unique blend of skills and experiences, I am dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering space for individuals to explore the magic within themselves and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and fulfilment.

A woman cuddling her puppy
Anna and her beloved dog, Karma.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an advocate for compassion and kindness, reflected in my vegan lifestyle driven by love for animals. Recently I rescued a puppy, which I named Karma and am absolutely in love with her.

J: Anyone who follows Anna's YouTube channel 'Luna and the Druid' co-hosted by Jan Tetteroo, will know how curious and mischief Karma is, as she loves to say hello to viewers while Anna and Jan are live!

J: What an intriguing journey you took! Speaking of travelling, what brought you to Ireland?

Anna: Love! It's interesting how many really good stories of my life start with a man, ha ha. I fell in love, packed my suitcase and my dog, and here I am 10 years later calling Ireland home.

J: When did your interest in Tarot begin, and what drew you to it?

Anna: Well, this is another story that begins with a man. I encountered an intriguing divine masculine with whom I felt a strong connection. However, he suddenly disappeared from my radar, and my Gemini curiosity drove me to find the reason why. So, I began exploring tarot readings on YouTube. It didn't take me long to wonder if I could perform a reading myself. Two days later, I happened to meet a woman who was willing to lend me her Tarot cards so I could give it a try. With no knowledge of Tarot except what I had seen on YouTube, I conducted a reading. Instead of simply reading the descriptions of the cards, I discovered that I could channel messages when I connected with the cards. The connection was so strong that a few years later, I have amassed a collection of over 100 decks of cards.

Guided by Luna holding up an oracle card.
Deck: The Shaman's Dream Oracle

J: What a fascinating introduction to tarot! What form does your tarot practice take today?

Anna: Me and my cards are one. They are precious to me, being very powerful tool in my hands.

For me reading cards is a sacred ritual, spiritual practice, where I unite with my guides, angels, and other magical entities who assist me in my service. The ritual itself is a process, starting with creating a sacred space. This involves lighting a candle and purifying the air with incense and various herbs. When reading for a client, I engage in meditation to tap into the energy even before connecting with the individual. I consult my cards, seeking guidance on which ones to choose, and it never ceases to amaze me how accurately they align with the client's needs during the reading. It's a fascinating and profound experience.

J: I resonate with all of this, especially with how reading holds such a sacred energy. You’re also a huge oracle lover. What draws you to this aspect of divination?

Rather than identifying as a tarot reader, I prefer the term 'card reader' because that's how my guides communicate messages to me; by revealing specific details on the cards. While Tarot holds a central role in every reading I conduct, offering clear insights into a situation, oracles, as channelled messages, enable me to delve even deeper into the energy. I utilize oracles to provide additional guidance and clarity, particularly in the form of channelled letters and messages from departed loved ones, thanks to the unique energy certain oracle decks carry.

Guided by Luna reading for a client
Deck: The Shaman's Dream Oracle

J: As every tarot reader loves to expand their deck collection, what’s the most recent tarot or oracle deck you received or purchased?

Anna: I feel incredibly blessed to have wonderful people in my life who understand my passion for cards and delight in spoiling me with new decks. Recently, Santa Claus brought me a deck I had long dreamt of; the Star Tarot. I'm currently in the process of connecting with its energy and getting to know it, as it stands apart from any deck I've worked with before. It's truly a special treat, and I highly recommend getting one. The images are exquisite, and the messages are profoundly deep.

J: I've been eyeing up that deck, too! My most recent deck was also a present from Santa Claus; Tarot de la Nuit. I love the imagery, and I'm so excited to begin working with it. Before we get too distracted, tell me about the other services you provide as a holistic life coach.

Anna: In addition to my work with cards, holistic life coaching is another passion of mine. Distinguished from traditional coaching, holistic life coaching adopts a more comprehensive approach, acknowledging the interconnected nature of various life dimensions such as the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. While traditional coaching tends to focus on specific goals or tasks, holistic coaching aims for lasting transformation by addressing individuals as wholes, promoting overall well-being and personal growth.

As a holistic life coach, I specialize in guiding individuals to tap into their intuition and discover their ‘inner GPS system’- the voice of intuition. My services extend to helping people unlock and embrace their psychic gifts, offering guidance on their spiritual path of awakening. I also provide teachings on understanding and harnessing energy, empowering clients to bring more magic into their lives. Through a comprehensive approach, I assist my clients in cultivating a deeper connection with themselves and their innate abilities for a transformative and enriching life journey. My practice often involves card readings as the part of the process. This year I am planning to launch a series of guided meditations and open my Lunar Ritual Circles to the public.

A selection of oracle cards with crystals and incense

J: Exciting plans! I look forward to hearing more about them! Your mission is to ignite the divine spark within people. What led you to this work?

Anna: Ignite the divine spark; I love that! It is truly my mission, and I am deeply passionate about empowering people to navigate their spiritual journeys, infusing their lives with a sense of magic, purpose, and fulfilment. My personal experiences with tapping into intuition, embracing spiritual growth, and understanding the energies that shape our existence have deeply impacted me. Observing the positive transformations in my clients as they connect with their inner selves and discover their unique gifts further solidifies my dedication to this work. Recognizing the challenges and disconnect that many individuals face in their lives served as the catalyst for me to embark on the path of holistic life coaching. My goal is to guide others in unlocking their inner potential, fostering a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

A woman with arms open wide before the Atlantic Ocean
Anna in her favourite environment

J: You live in the wilds of beautiful County Kerry in Ireland. Can you tell us a little about your favourite places?

Anna: Living in the enchanting landscapes of County Kerry in Ireland is a true blessing. It's hard to pinpoint a single favourite place, so I’ll say the "Wild Atlantic Way." The untamed beauty of the Atlantic Ocean makes driving along the coast an absolute delight. To me, it creates a sense of belonging and awe. Among my favourite spots, the Ring of Skellig Michael, starting from magical Derrynane up to Ballinskelligs, as well as the cliffs of Kerry's coastline hold a special place in my heart. Additionally, the northern charm of Ballybunion and the timeless beauty of Killarney National are my favourite places in this magical corner of the world. I am blessed to call magical Kingdom of Kerry my home.

J: It's time for another question which can spark debate amongst tarot fans: If you were stuck on a desert island, what five decks would you bring with you?

Anna: I absolutely love this question and it's definitely one of my favorites out of all I've ever been asked! If I were stranded on a desert island, I would bring five decks that hold a special place in my heart and are integral to my practice. First and foremost, the Light Seer's Tarot, a deck that resonates deeply with me. Next, The Power of Surrender by Judith Orloff, a deck that guides me through moments of surrender and reflection. Next is The Soul's Journey deck, Crystal Medicine deck, and the Archangel Michael's Sword would accompany me. These decks have become constant companions in my readings, offering deep insights and guidance in various aspects of life. Each of them holds a unique energy, making them essential tools for my spiritual journey, even on a metaphorical desert island.

The Wild Atlantic Way
The Wild Atlantic Way offering a suggestion for The Tower card, maybe?

J: After that answer, I can see my tarot and oracle wishlist growing!! So, if you were to create your own tarot or oracle deck, from where would you draw inspiration?

Anna: If I were to create my own Tarot or oracle deck, my primary source of inspiration would be drawn from the magic and power of the Atlantic Ocean. The enchanting beauty of its waters, the diverse nature surrounding it, and the rich history, especially the mythical times of Atlantis, would serve as the foundation for my deck.

J: I think that would make a truly unique tarot or oracle deck. What a source of inspiration! Before we go, I have one final question: What one blessing do you wish upon the world right now?

Anna: I wish for more love and peace within ourselves and the world. May each of us connect deeply with the divine energy within, fostering a harmonious and compassionate existence for all. I envision a world where people are not only connected with one another but also the Spirit of nature, deeply in tune with their own souls, fostering personal growth, understanding, and a collective sense of purpose.

J: Anna, what beautiful wish to end our conversation. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today. For anyone wishing to connect with you, where can they find you?

Anna: You can find me on my website or on YouTube under Guided by Luna, and I'm also on TikTok 

A woman reading an oracle card
Deck: The Shaman's Dream Oracle


I hope you've enjoyed 'In Conversation with Guided by Luna'. Would you like to feature as a guest on the blog? Perhaps you have a topic you’d like to see featured? If so, reach out to me at Whether it’s a question, an idea, or a wish to share your creative path, let me know! I love to hear from creatives and am always open to sharing within our amazing community!


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