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Interview on Enlightened Empaths

I had a dream come true moment last week when Denise Correll and I chatted about Creative Soul Tarot and writing on the Enlightened Empaths podcast.

Julie Embleton on Enlightened Empaths Podcast
Enlightened Empaths Podcast hosted by Denise Correll and Samantha Fey

I’ve been listening to Enlightened Empaths since it first aired, and believe me when I tell you that I just about kept my shit together for this interview because I had a serious fan-girl moment for the entire thirty-odd minutes. Hosted by Denise Correll and Samantha Fey (who also hosts Psychic Teachers with Deb Bowen) Enlightened Empaths is a podcast aimed at fostering a community of like minded individuals who are striving to embrace their empathic intuition and empower one another to accept, hone and share their gifts.

Both well known intuitives within the spiritual community, Samantha and Denise are teachers who have worked professionally doing readings for two decades. These ladies have been my constant companions over thousands of miles when I used to commute to my corporate job. I would listen to guests, and the ladies themselves, talking about how they’d left behind the corporate world to pursue their true calling, and never did I think I’d one day be chatting about my departure from that life to being self-employed with a intuitive tarot business.

During the podcast we chat about my first tarot deck, how my parents encouraged my intuitive gifts, how I work with clients as an intuitive tarot reader, and other topics such as trees, my writing, and the joy of simple ritual.

I’ve had intuitive readings from both Samantha and Denise, and let me tell you; they are scarily accurate. They’re also two beautiful souls with a great sense of humour. If you haven’t yet listened to either Enlightened Empaths or Psychic Teachers, I recommend you give them a spin. The podcasts air on numerous platforms including Spotify, Apple, Podbean, Listen Notes and Audible.

If you zip to the resources section of my site, you'll find a list of the podcasts I listen to regularly. Have you a favourite podcast you'd like to recommend? Let me know at

You can find Samantha at

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