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Tarot for Creatives July 25th to 31st 2022

Hello, Creatives!

We have a New Moon in Leo this Thursday the 28th, and with it, passion, courage, and creativity come out to play. Set intentions that come from the heart, and channel courageous Leo the Lion energy as you create. As the energy builds towards the next Full Moon on August 11th, speak your intention daily to keep it in focus. With themes of passion and courage for this New Moon, I’m using a New Moon in Leo spread asking: What does my heart crave? How should I work with this energy? Where will my courage take me?

Tarot for Creatives forecast July 25th to 31st 2022
2 of Pentacles, 3 of Wands and Princess of Pentacles. Heaven & Earth Tarot

The 2 of Pentacles opens our reading this week, indicating the need to find balance and harmony in home, work, and practical matters. You may feel as if you’re juggling lately, finding it hard to strike an easy balance with all that’s on your plate. Unease like this can block creative flow, so if you’re feeling stifled creatively, focus on priorities first. Remain alert and flexible as you tackle projects. If you’ve recently started something new, extra attention will be required here to keep on track. While you may be unable to lighten your load, your heart craves a better balance, where desires and interests get an equal share of time instead of butting against each other for your attention. With peace restored, creativity will flow with ease.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Expansion is the message from the 3 of Wands, telling us we’ll have space to move ahead with projects once the balance issue from the 2 of Pentacles is resolved. With the path cleared, a wider horizon will open, granting you the ability to dream even bigger, and aim even higher. The 3 of Wands asks us to work with this voluminous energy by not restricting ourselves. With our feet firmly planted, these aren’t pipe dreams, but realistic goals. Maintain order with your priorities, and channel that brave Leo energy as you plan for the future.

The Princess of Pentacles is an omen of success when it comes to a new job, financial opportunities, and the power of manifestation. By following the lead of the 2 of Pentacles and 3 of Wands, good things will come. Plan with care, stay focused on practical matters and stay grounded in what’s achievable. The theme of expansion appears here also, asking us to move in a direction that allows us to gain financially for the future. The Princess tells us we have the skills to achieve our desires, and through genuine hard work and self-belief, we can manifest our goals. Courage will bring advancement and success with your projects, so act on your ideas now, shun negative thinking, and embrace your skills. Remember; passion and courage are your best friends this Leo season!

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Tarot spread for a New Moon in Leo

The courage and passion surrounding this month’s New Moon are certainly mirrored in the cards today! Embrace that Lion strength and move forward with your plans. With Pentacles book-ending the reading, and the 2 leaping to the Page (Princess) it indicates a major advancement with plans which is positive to see. Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

Deck: Heaven & Earth Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

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