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Tarot for Creatives June 13th to 19th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

We have a Supermoon event this week, with June’s Full Moon peaking as a Strawberry Supermoon on Tuesday 14th. It’s called a Supermoon because the moon itself will be closer to Earth than normal, so appears larger in the sky. The traditional moniker of Strawberry moon hails from farmers associating June with harvesting strawberry crops, but it also has the nicknames Honey Moon, Rose Moon, and Blooming Moon. In essence, the Strawberry Moon is a time to celebrate sweet success. Hard work has paid off, and the harvest deserves to be honoured. It’s also a time to reflect on dreams and goals. Are they ripening? And what new plans form as you look to the future? Tuesday’s Full Moon is in Sagittarius, one of the most happy-go-lucky signs in the zodiac. Sagittarius dreams big, is powered by optimism, and doesn’t believe in limitations, so this fiery, expansive energy, paired with the powerful Full Moon delivers a juicy energy worth tapping into. Now that we’re halfway through the year, reflect on your goals and acknowledge what’s been accomplished. What’s serving you? What needs releasing? If you have new goals, can you aim higher? Courageous Sagittarius goes out on a limb, so nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something new.

Tarot for Creatives forecast for June 13th to 19th 2022
The Tower, The Moon, 2 of Cups. Pride Tarot.

With all this expansive, courageous energy, today’s reading asks Where to look for new inspiration, How to encourage expansion, and What can be released.

The turbulent Tower opens our reading this week, telling us that inspiration can be found in the rubble of destruction. The card of upheaval and disaster, the Tower is a powerful force that brings an unexpected and disruptive end, but from it emerges a new beginning, one that serves for the better. If you’re not already dealing with the upheaval, confront what you’re clinging to right now, and take courage from Sagittarius by letting it go. The initial fallout may be uncomfortable, but the overall energy of the Tower is a cleansing one, allowing you to break free of restrains and patterns that hold you back. With the opportunity to begin again, the sky’s the limit. Reflecting an abundance of fiery, brave energy to match the current influence of Sagittarius, the Tower brings upheaval, but promises greater expansion as a result.

"How you ever gonna know if you never even try?"

- The Script

A second Major Arcana asks us to look beyond the obvious to encourage expansion. The Moon reflects illusion; truths hidden from sight, and with the Tower bringing walls down, those hidden aspects will now come to light. What you hadn’t thought possible before will suddenly become feasible. It may be an attitude adjustment where instead of telling yourself you can’t do something, you’ll suddenly find yourself thinking, well, why not, why don’t I give it a try? It may be something more tangible where a physical obstacle is removed, clearing the way for you to move in a new and exciting direction. Yes, you may feel trepidatious; new territory always brings nerves, but the Tower has fallen, the curtain has dropped, and chances are you’ll be seeing clearer than you have done in years.

Be brave. Take the chance, make the move. Tell yourself you can. The subconscious responds beautifully to positive mantras, so even something as simple as ‘I can do this’ will assist with the expansion of moving into new, exciting territory.

The 2 of Cups brings a message of partnership, and in the Release position, suggests going it alone for a while. With the major shifts the Tower brings, along with the revelations of The Moon, you may find yourself wanting to carve your own way for a while. Fired up on new inspiration and reformed goals, those who have been part of your previous endeavours may not fit into your new plans, so if you feel this is the case, consider going solo, as managing another within your creative environment may be more of a hindrance than a help. It may even be that the revelations of the Moon uncover something that demands an end to the partnership, perhaps the destruction of the Tower influences it too.

With the new beginning brought about by the Moon and the Tower, creative energy will be flowing, so focus will be key. It might be that you just need to hit pause on a collaboration while you figure out a new direction, or you might prefer to wield more of that Tower energy and cleave yourself entirely from a partnership. This card can also reflect reliance; leaning on others when you’re capable of going alone, so if this rings true, then brave up and let that safety net go. You can fly solo, so spread your wings!

This is my first reading with this deck, and it’s quite a powerful one! Big shifts coming this week, and while they’ll likely cause discomfort, the outcome will be positive. Take courage from brave Sagittarius and march ahead. Expansive energy is approaching, so hitch a ride!

Have a great week, my creative friends.

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