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Tarot for Creatives March 28th to April 3rd 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to a new week, and the last few days of March. The clocks went back here at the weekend so as Irish people love to say, there’s now ‘a grand stretch in the evenings’. This Friday, April 1st is a New Moon in Aries, and with Aries being a fire sign, it encourages us to take initiative, so it’s a great time to start new projects, and set intentions for growth and progress. This week I’m reading with Aries energy in mind, asking ‘What creative energy should we tap into for the New Moon, How can we encourage growth and progress in our creativity, and What steps should we take next?’

Tarot forecast for Creatives March 28th to April 3rd 2022
Queen of Earth, Queen of Fire, The Magician.

The Queen of Earth (Pentacles) asks us to tap into a more grounded energy and look into our daily lives for inspiration this week. With Earth reflecting home, career, work, finances, and material possessions, the Queen nudges you towards your day-to-day, indicating inspiration hides in what you may think is the mundane. It’s also a hint to get out of your head and start actually doing. Just like Ace energy, it’s great to be fired up on inspiration, but until we get grounded and take action, we won’t go anywhere.

As a nature loving mama, the Queen is also telling us to get into the outdoors and soak up that inspiring Spring awakening that’s happening all around us. Consider how these two aspects of inner and outer can be blended, by asking what areas of your ‘mundane’ life might benefit from a boost of new growth? Or what’s still in hibernation that needs a poke into waking? Think back to projects you may have considered as winter rolled in, and if you pushed them aside, is now the time to dust them off and take a second look?

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath

The Queen of Fire (Wands) is the perfect card for Aries season with her passionate, driven energy. To encourage growth and progress, tap into her confidence as you examine your goals. Is self-doubt holding you back? Do you compare yourself to others and think their fire burns brighter than yours? The Queen of Fire is here to tell you that you’re unique, and that no-one else brings what you do, so shake off any doubt and stand tall.

The Queen is a nurturing energy, so turn that onto your goals, assuring yourself that you have what it takes, and with mindful, but definite action, move forward step by step. Nurture yourself too. If you’re not operating on a full battery, dedicate time to yourself this week.

The approach of the New Moon is a time for introspection, so appearing here, the Queen invites you to take a look at your goals, make adjustments where necessary, continue with what’s working, and most of all, fire up your self-belief.

The Magic is in YOU!

The competent Magician says you’ve got what you need, so your next step is to simply begin. A powerhouse of self-sufficiency, this card indicates you have the skills and wisdom required to get new projects off the ground, so gather all your resources, physical and mental, and get busy doing!

The Magician uses all the elements when creating, so tap into the intuition of Air, the transformative power of Fire, the emotion of Water, and the strength of Earth as you create. You don’t need to look outside yourself in order to progress, everything you need is within you. The Magician is a positive omen when it comes to new projects, and with double Queen energy at your back, it feels like we can’t fail!

With two nurturing Queens, and the powerful Magician, we couldn’t ask for juicier energy as the Aries New Moon approaches. Take stock of current progress and apply the grounding power of Earth and the confidence of Fire to your plans. With The Magician guiding your next steps, you simply need to begin! Have a week of magical creating, my friends!

I’m a rock-chick, so crystals go hand-in-hand with tarot for me. Going forward, I’ll include a little info on the crystals I’ve used with the weekly spread so you can see how they’re more than just pretty stones!

Chosen with confidence and creativity in mind, this week gemstones are Carnelian and Sunstone.

Carnelian palmstone for creativity and confidence
Carnelian for a kick up apathy's butt.

Carnelian is a zingy stone that promotes positivity, kicks apathy in the butt, and fires up creativity. It’s also a great stone if you have trouble trusting yourself as it helps to overcome negative thought patterns. For banishing self-doubt and taking on that passionate energy of the Queen of Fire, this is an ideal stone.

Sunstone crystal for joy and vitality
You've got sunshine in your pocket with this sparkly gemstone!

Sunstone is like sunshine in your pocket. Not only does it work on clearing the gunk out of your chakras, it’s associated with good luck as it beams joy and vitality. If you’re someone who finds it hard to say ‘no’, this little stone is great for self-empowerment. And for us creatives, who know only too well the torment of procrastination, Sunstone assists in overcoming that annoying habit.

Both these crystals are easily sourced and are cheap as chips. A perfect pair to keep to hand for creatives!


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