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Tarot for Creatives May 2nd to 8th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s a bank holiday Monday here in Ireland today, and after a very dreary, grey weekend, it has finally stopped raining! The lousy weather thwarted my gardening plans, but I’ll do my best to make amends today. I have foxglove seeds to sew, along with a wild flower mix to make a bee garden. I’ve already earmarked a quarter of the herb bed for the wild flowers, and have pots and beds waiting for the foxglove seeds. With Bealtaine celebrated yesterday, May 1st, the season of light and warmth is upon us, so this week’s reading dives into the themes of Winter, Fire, and Summer by asking What can be left behind with the Winter, What aspects need the passion of Fire, and What can we nurture with Summer’s arrival.

Tarot for Creatives forecast May 2nd to 8th 2022
Knight of Fire, Page of Water, Knight of Water

We have a full house of Court Cards this week, starting with the Knight of Fire (Wands) representing what we can leave in the past with Winter. While the Knight is a brave, passionate energy, it’s an energy that often manifests in the extreme, such as recklessness instead of bravery, impulse over action, and a tendency to play seductively but with shallow intent. Within creative work, this could materialise as rushing a job just to get it finished, making impatient, rash decisions, or losing touch with your integrity. With the Knight of Fire often compared to a wild, one-night-stand kind of energy, ask where you may have wielded such a force within your past creative endeavours. Perhaps you worked purely for the glory of financial gain, or to boost your ego? While reward and acclaim are important, and do drive us to succeed, consider how the extreme of Knight energy may have burned your integrity. With the arrival of Summer, leave haste and daredevil tendencies in the past.

"Your adventure has to be coming right out of your own interior. If you are ready for it, then doors will open where there were no doors before, and where there would not be doors for anyone else. And you must have courage. It’s the call to adventure, which means there is no security, no rules." - Joseph Campbell

The Page of Water (Cups) brings a dreamy, intuitive energy, ripe for pouring into new creative projects. Be open to new experiences, people, and opportunities in this season of growth. Take a chance on adventure; open those doors and peek behind. The Universe has an abundance of gifts to share and only asks that you be willing to accept. If you’ve been sitting on inspiration for a while, perhaps a little fearful of the new direction it may take you in, or the demands it might place upon you, the Page of Water asks that you allow that spark to ignite and trust in your innate abilities.

A second Knight bookends our reading this week. The Knight of Water (Cups) asks us to nurture that which the Page of Water brings, by taking the inspiration and motivation to the next level; action. Expect an emotional ride with new endeavours; projects that hit you in all the feels, and possibly forging new working, or even emotional relationships. There’s a strong sense of the Universe stepping in to sprinkle lots of inspirational goodness upon us, so watch out for coincidences, random occurrences, and all those little signs that nudge you along the way. Engage your intuition in this season of nurturing, too. Listen to the wise whispers and let instinct take the lead as the Knight of Water takes you on an inspiring journey.

This reading overflows with an abundance of Cups energy; inspiration, motivation, love, emotion, and a deep connection to intuition. It feels like the Universe is extending a hand, inviting us to jump in and enjoy the ride! Where will it take us? To a new level of creativity, I hope!

Have a Cups inspired week, my creative friends.


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