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Tarot for Creatives May 30th to June 5th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s a New Moon Monday! This phase encourages introspection, fresh starts, and new intentions, so it’s a great time for goal setting, and maybe even a check-in with current plans to see what might need tweaking.

I remembered to make New Moon water this month after running out in April. While I don’t use it as much as Full Moon water, I do like to keep a bottle for ritual or spells centring on new starts. The bottle is propped for charging at the foot of my Rowan tree, along with new dumortierite and moonstone crystals which I love to pair up with my tarot and oracle decks. I’ll leave them sit overnight, but I’ll have to keep my eye on them as there’s a new magpie family visiting the garden, and I’ve seen curious eyes cocked in the direction of crystals having a recharge under the tree. If it’s not the cats I need to keep my beady on, it’s the birds!

Tarot for Creatives forecast, May 30th to June 5th 2022
Knight of Cups, Page of Cups, 5 of Swords. Universal Smith Rider Waite tarot.

Today, I’m working with the Universal Smith Rider Waite tarot. I’ve had this deck a while, but only got around to modifying it at the weekend. This recoloured edition of the original deck has softer tones allowing the artwork to come through with more clarity, showing off the symbolism and giving the imagery in general a calmer feel. I modified the deck by chopping the borders off as I prefer to have the art fill the entire card without that ‘boundary’ vibe borders often create. I’m looking forward to working with this deck and getting to know its personality. With the original Smith Rider Waite one of my favourite decks, I’m interested to see how differently it reads.

Okay, enough rambling. With thoughts on new intentions and fresh starts, I’ve a New Moon spread for today, asking What is ready for illumination, What is ready for release, and What is ready for transformation.

The Knight of Cups shines light on passion and romance, and asks ‘What are you in love with right now? If you’re working on a project that has you feeling uninspired and kinda meh, then consider a shift in pace and look to creating purely from the heart—even if it’s with a medium or subject out of your wheelhouse. With the flowing stream in this card, I hear the message to ‘let it flow’; just sink into the creative groove, and craft with passion; you might be surprised at where it takes you. Who knows, this new aspect may even illuminate a path you would never have considered before?

"If you walk in the footsteps of others, you'll never make any of your own."

The Page of Cups brings vibes of immaturity today, indicating a mindset where your perception of others’ experiences and successes has left you feeling as if you’ll never kick off the training wheels. Studying your peers and playing the comparison game is nothing but a soul-suck. You’re a magnificent, unique person, so release that behaviour. External validation is not what you need right now. Instead, take a ride with the Knight of Cups and welcome in the passion of creative inspiration. Retreat within and listen to your heart. With every day that passes, your experience and skill grows, so crush those negative beliefs of being an amateur, and in its place, step into your uniqueness, and talent, with pride.

Transformation is represented by the 5 of Swords, the card of a worthless victory. With themes of conflict and deception, this card calls for a change in how you plan or view success. Winning At All Costs demands an energy that clashes with the creative flow, so much like the message of the Page, where you’re called to ignore the external and nourish the internal, look to how you can transform your current attitude towards achievement.

Does success to you mean leaving people behind, choking in the dust of your progression? Is it proving yourself the best? Transform your thinking by leaving your competitors out of it. Create for yourself, acknowledge the sacred connection to the Universe when you do, and understand that when you create, you honour something deep within your being. Besides, the moment you begin to create from a place of authenticity, you’re already winning.

A nicer reading than last week (which wouldn’t be difficult) and definitely lots to consider with respect to mindset. Overall, the message calls for ignoring the external and shifting to within, so try that hat on and see how it fits!

For a first reading with this deck, the energy certainly flowed for me. I’m loving the airy, fresh feel of the imagery, and there seems to be a cheeky personality already peeking through.

Here’s to a week of inspiring and passionate creation, my friends! Chruthú le háthas! (Create with joy!)

Deck: Universal Smith Rider Waite (US Games)

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