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Tarot for Creatives Nov 29th to Dec 5th 2021

Tarot for Creatives Nov 29th 2021
The Lovers, The Fool, and Justice

Hello Creatives, and welcome to the last Monday in November—already! This week I'm using a spread that takes a poke around your Current Focus, What Needs Attention, and What Can Be Released. Spookily enough, I pulled all Majors today—a sign of powerful energy approaching, one that can bring many life shifts. The good news is that it’s all positive, abundant energy, so hurray!

With the final Solar Eclipse of 2021 coming this Saturday, December 4th, you can also expect lots of invigorating energy rushing in, so it's the ideal time to start new projects, get to work on resolutions, or take an adventure. And who's smack bang in the middle of our spread this week? The champion of new adventures; The Fool! We're aligning with the stars—well, the solar eclipse—my friends!

"I hope I haven't grown up. The cliche for all artists is that you don't want to lose that child inside. I think when you get sedentary and set in your ways, you can lose a lot of that spontaneity and creativity. I hope I'm holding on to that." - Catherine Hardwicke, Film Director.

The Lovers starts our journey this week, and this card brings the joy of sweet partnership. Creatives thrive on this inspirational energy of collaboration, harmony, and passion. Swept along in the flow of creativity, this heart-over-head energy brings the promise of fruitful endeavours, a fertile, passionate period. The Lovers also represent choice, a state where an ‘either/or’ demands consideration. With this heart based energy in flow, you’ll simply need to listen to your intuition and feel your way into the decision, knowing all the while that you’re supported by those closest to you.

The Fool appears next, enticing us to take an adventurous step. Be spontaneous is the cry! Expect a child-like energy this week, an almost carefree attitude as you move into, or consider a new project. With the slow, dark days of winter, this is a wonderful energy to embody, so succumb to it. Your creative soul craves this fun, free-spirited energy, and supported by the balance of The Lovers and Justice, you don’t need to worry about losing the run of yourself!

Justice represents karma; cause and effect in motion. If you’ve been waiting for someone to get their comeuppance, or have been wrangling with legal matters, it’s now time to let that go. Have faith and let the Universe work its magick as you move on with the giddy energy of The Fool. Backed by The Lovers, it really is a perfect time to embrace creativity for creativity’s sake. Justice represents the analytical, monetary aspects of creative endeavours. Release these for now and enjoy the delights of new escapades.

Isn't this an interesting blend of energies? I love how The Lovers and Justice provide balance between The Fool; The Lovers with the pairing of equal hearts and minds, and wise Justice with the scales. This to me reads as permission to really let loose with The Fool energy, as bookended by the solidity of The Lovers and Justice, there's little chance of you doing yourself a mischief. And isn't it this just the time of year to let your inner child out? Dark days, cold weather, the urge to hibernate; take off those heavy boots and run barefoot in the grass (metaphorically—I don't want anyone catching a chill or losing a toe to frostbite)

Take Saturday's solar eclipse into consideration as you move through this week, too. Long term it will bring challenges, but The Lovers and Justice remind you to make wise choices while remaining patient and flexible. Keep the light-heartedness of The Fool in mind, too. We're not out of the woods for upheaval just yet, so a sprinkling of playfulness and spontaneity will be required.

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