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Get An Edge On The Year Ahead

Your Date With Destiny

What lies ahead?

If you're curious about what's in store for the next twelve months, how best to work with your strengths, and tackle potential challenges, Your Date With Destiny delivers a thorough overview of the incoming energies. 

Your Date With Destiny

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a New Year, Your Date With Destiny will give you an overview of what lies in store for the next 12 months. This in-depth spread examines twelve different themes:


  • Your last 12 months in summary

  • Lessons learned from the past year

  • Aspirations for the upcoming year

  • What will empower you

  • What might hinder you

  • Relationships & Emotions overview

  • Career, Work & Finances overview

  • Health & Well-being overview

  • Spiritual Energy & Inner Fulfilment overview

  • Where focus should lie for the next year

  • Most important lesson for the year ahead

  • Overall, where you’re headed


With the Date With Destiny, not only will you get great insight into what lies ahead, but you’ll also get a view of how the past year influences your present, and how that energy will carry into the next twelve months. It also examines common threads that link the various themes, highlighting areas in your life where you may experience both positive and challenging energies. With a bird’s eye view of these different aspects, you’ll come away with a strong sense of where you’re headed, and how best to work with those energies.


Your Date With Destiny reading also includes a report on your personal birth tarot cards. This pairing of tarot cards reflects your core identity and how you approach life in general. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll gain an extra edge when it comes to your role in life, your potential, and how to face challenges.


Whether a treat for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, the Your Date With Destiny delivers a thorough overview to help navigate the year ahead, and how best to work with the incoming energies.

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Your Date With Destiny

Get an edge on the year ahead!

12 card Reading €120

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What I Do

Curious about my process when I read for you?
Here’s what goes into each and every reading for my clients:


How I Prepare

First, I turn off my phone. All children and animals are then stuffed into sound-proof cages . . . ah no, not really. I simply ensure the house is quiet and that I won’t be disturbed. My cats are always welcome when I’m doing a reading (humans not so much!).


To prepare the space where I read, I sage, welcome in fresh air, light candles, incense, and put on some zen music. When my space is ready, I prepare myself by grounding and protecting. I call on my Spirit team, and when intuitively connected, I let them know I’m reading for you by stating your name and my intention.

How I read

Once in the zone, I’ll focus on the questions you and I have put together, then I’ll shuffle and lay out the cards.


I read intuitively, which means that, although I connect with the traditional meanings of the cards, I pay more attention to my sensing of knowing (claircognizance) and feeling (clairsentience). All feelings and energies I pick up on are reported in your reading, but don’t worry, I haven’t ever, nor will I ever, predict something bad. That’s not how this tarot reader works.


Depending on the energies I’m feeling, I may sit with the spread for a while before I begin to type, otherwise, I dive straight in. Once the reading is fully typed, I check through it, spend another while with the cards to see if anything else comes to me, then take a photo of the spread.


Personalised Rituals and Exercises

If your reading includes personalised rituals and/or exercises, I craft these extras to suit your specific needs, again, working with my intuition to choose the most suitable. Finally, with everything typed out, I convert the files to PDF format and send it all to you by the magic of email.


On average, a five-card reading with personalised rituals takes about two-and-a-half hours. The twelve-card Date With Destiny reading takes approximately five hours. During this time, I am fully focused on your energy and the situation that has brought you to me. When I’ve finished reading, I extinguish the candles, knock on my cards to release your energy, and allow fresh air into the room. I then typically eat or drink so I can ground and come back to centre. If possible, I’ll go outside and get some fresh air. As a rule, I don’t read for more than two clients in a day as it can be exhausting work, and if I’m not operating at my best, I can’t give my best.


When it comes to the personalised rituals and exercises, as I mentioned, these too are created intuitively, and always from scratch. Here’s an example of just a few I’ve curated for previous clients:


A Box of Love: A daily ritual to boost self-esteem and build confidence.


A Habit Breaker Ritual: For those pesky habits getting in the way of progression.


Charm Bags: Simple pouches crafted to bring a boost of protection, focus, courage, confidence, prosperity, romance, or whatever you need!


Bath Salts: Recipes for bath salts blends crafted to your specific needs.


Sigils: A guide to creating a personalised sigil to increase confidence, protection, love, prosperity, focus, and more. Sigils are powerful rituals to connect you with your personal power, and can be placed anywhere on your person, or around your home, office, or car.


I also create visualisation exercises, meditations, and journaling prompts.

When You Book A Reading


When I receive notification of your booking, I’ll email you within 24 hours to confirm receipt and say hello. Please note that I'll be using the email address supplied on your PayPal receipt, so if you're wondering why you haven't heard from me, check your spam folder!

Once we connect via email, we’ll discuss your requirements, I’ll confirm the date of your reading, and together we'll craft the most relevant questions for your situation.

You’ll receive your reading by email. I’ll send it as a PDF file, along with a picture of the spread and any other additional information or images. I live in Ireland, so bear in mind the GMT time zone when it comes to dates/times in your region. At present readings are only by email.


If you haven’t read my Code of Ethics, now would be a good time. Click here to jump straight to it, and all the other legal stuff.


Would you like to hear how previous clients have benefited from my services?

You can find testimonials here.

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Your Date With Destiny

Get an edge on the year ahead!

12 card Reading €120

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