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Super Blue Moon

A tarot spread to work with the Pisces Blue Moon energy

A rare celestial event occurs August 30th 2023 with a Super Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs when a second full moon falls within a calendar month. The last Blue Moon was August 2021, and the next takes place in August 2024, but the next Super Blue Moon won't grace our skies until 2037.

Full moon rising over snowy mountain peaks
The Super Blue Moon occurs on Wednesday, August 30th 2023

What's a Super Blue Moon?

A Super Blue Moon is the rare combination of a second Full Moon within a calendar month coinciding with the Moon being closer to Earth. When this happens, the Moon's illumination and energy beams down with more potency making it an ideal time for ritual and manifestation.

What does the Super Blue Moon bring?

This Super Blue Moon aligns with Saturn retrograde in Pisces, illuminating thoughts and feelings that have been buried in the heart. As emotional baggage rises and clears, lightness pours in, bringing clarity. During this time you may discover that what once fit no longer feels comfortable, particularly around relationships. Except to find yourself rethinking boundaries, shifting goals, and crafting new plans. With this Super Blue Moon, it’s time to get real about what it and isn’t working. Stronger intuition, deeper emotions, and heightened creativity come at this time, prompting the need for solitude and introspection.

Super Blue Moon Tarot Spread

Here’s a tarot spread to tackle the potent energies of this rare Super Blue Moon. Journal the cards to get the most from the reading, and revisit your thoughts once the dust has settled.

1: What needs illuminating?

2: What no longer serves my greater good?

3: What energy should I embrace?

4: What healing do I need?

5: How can I balance Mind, Body, Spirit at this time?

6: Where should I focus my intentions?

Tarot spread for a Super Blue Moon

This Super Blue Moon is also an ideal time to for ritual. Check out this blog post for inspiration on how to make and use Moon water!


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