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Tarot for Creatives 13th to 19th December 2021

Hello my creative friends!

The holiday season is sneaking up on us. This is my last working week before I take a break, and I’m more than ready for some time off. Sleep is top of my agenda. Am I the only one craving some quality pillow time?

I really think hibernation for humans should be a thing at this time of year.

7 of Pentacles, Strength, Knight of Pentacles

So, Friday, 18th December 2021 sees the last full moon of this year. Also known as the Cold Moon in reflection of the icy temperatures, or the Long Night Moon as it lights up the sky during one of the darkest periods of the year; the Winter Solstice. If you set intentions during the last new moon, keep working on those positive thoughts as the full moon energy builds. ‘I am’ statements are ideal for this fertile time. (I am full of energy, I am not craving my bed. Hee hee.)

This week I’m using the Mind, Body, Spirit spread for our reading. With two Pentacles and the Strength card, it heralds a week chock full of focused, determined energy. Bravo to us, I say. I feel like I’m crawling to the goal post of year end, so I’m happy to know there’s positive things coming my way this week with this final push before the holidays.

The 7 of Pentacles reflects our Mind or mental state as we move into a new week. With themes of perseverance, investment, and reward, it puts us in a logical frame of mind; hard work equals success. Perhaps you’re looking back on what you’ve achieved this year, or are already making plans for 2022, but either way, there’s a focus on work and reward. Make a point of logging your successes from 2021, no matter how trivial they may seem to you. It’s too easy for us to brush off achievements. We either think I probably could have done better or we’re just mad keen to get to the next project, but I’ll bet if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find you rarely celebrate your wins. Take time for it before 2021 trickles to a close. This will cement the hard work equals success mindset we all need to consider every once in a while.

"Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice." --Beyonce Knowles

In terms of what you’re physically doing, or what action is needed, Body is represented by Strength. This Major Arcana card brings a message of patience, control, and courage. Coupled with the focus of the 7 of Pentacles, it means that not only are we thinking about hard work, we’ve also got the bravery to tackle it. For some, you may even notice a more stubborn approach to your work ethic than normal, as if you’ve outgrown a certain way of thinking and are ready to push ahead with more confidence than you’ve had before. There’s a nothing’s gonna stop me now vibe here embodied by John Wick. What a way to approach the end of 2021, eh?

Any excuse for a picture of Keanu Reeves.

Spirit reflects our feelings, or what we need to focus on for growth, and in gallops the steadfast Knight of Pentacles, bringing us even more efficiency with his methodical energy. Knights are ‘doing’ cards, but sometimes, can be a little gung-ho in that doing. The Knight of Pentacles is far more practical. There’s no reckless charge into battle, instead, the Knight sits on its steed, looking to the future before laying out his plan. Patience links all three cards this week. The patience of knowing that hard work eventually pays off, the patience to endure by drawing on your inner strength, and the patience to plan ahead.

Journal prompt: What am I doing differently to come to this efficient state of mind? Is it a practice I can continue? How can I take full advantage of this week’s patient, efficient energy?

Overall, I feel like we’re in for a week of some serious adulting. Check us and our methodical, focused mindsets out! High fives all round, right? If you remember last week, we were under the dazzling influence of the 7 of Cups. It looks like we’ve kicked that illusionary energy out the back door and are now absorbed with more practical, earthy matters. So here’s to a week of intelligent, successful doing. I hope it’s a great one for you, friends!

Deck: The Crow Tarot Special Indiegogo Backer Deck. Illustrated by MJ Cullinane

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