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Tarot for Creatives 15th to 21st Jan 2024

Hello, Creatives!

Throughout all my readings last week, I had an abundance of Wands, so I’m honing on creativity today by asking: What is the energy surrounding my creative passion, What should I focus on, What is also worth considering?

Tarot cards on a black cloth with crystals and a candle
Judgement rx, Temperance rx, 9 of Wands. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

Judgement reversed indicates fear of moving forward paired with a sense of being stuck. In terms of creative passion, it suggests uncertainty surrounding a number of projects. Right now, you may feel as if nothing is sparking inspiration. Projects are demands on your time and energy, both of which you may be lacking. In order to flip Judgement upright and move into an energy of rebirth and epiphany, you’ll need to bury whatever it is that’s holding you back. This block may be your attitude, fear of failure, or simply that what you were working on no longer interests you. Decide on what can be dropped, and what must be finished. Judgement comes before The World, which is the final step in the Fool’s journey and represents completion, so if you’re tied into a creative project, brace to just suck it up and complete the work as promised. Your creativity remains, it simply needs a shift in perspective, so consider changing direction, medium, subject etc. to face a new and more enticing horizon.

“Focus on being happy. Indulge in things that manifest kindness and peace. Life is beautiful, yet fleeting. Try to embrace every moment that you’re blessed with. Anything that unsettles your spriti—remove it.” - @Alex_Elle

Our second card is also a major arcana, and it too is reversed. Temperance represents balance, but reversed, she speaks of disruptive energy, often associated with overindulgence. This imbalance is likely what lies behind reversed Judgement. Reflect on where you’ve lost control. It may be emotionally, what you’re consuming, including an excess of alcohol or drugs, or creatively, having taken on too much. Have you made too many promises? Is your workload out of control, or commitments overwhelming? If your health isn’t great, even a minimal workload or a few responsibilities may seem unsurmountable at this time. Upright, Temperance often brings healing, so to return to that energy and get the scales in balance, you’ll need to replace anarchy with peace. Start with one simple step today instead of making one huge sweeping change that is likely to fail. To restore balance, focus on clearing out what’s thrown you out of whack. Mind, body, and spirit need your help!

The 9 of Wands is the card of perseverance. In the What is worth considering position, it brings a clear message; stick with it. The 9 often brings a sense of toil, but just like Judgement lies before The World, the 9 lies before the 10, which is the number of completion. So the message here is that your return to balance and joyful creative flow is close, but you’ll need to put your head down and work. The 9 of Wands also indicates setting boundaries. Consider where you’ve allowed people or situations to run all over you. It’s time to put boundaries in place. Practice saying no, make your wellbeing a priority, and refuse anything that will compound the overindulgence aspect of Temperance reversed. The 9 also speaks of finishing an uncompleted project. The idea is likely unappealing, but once it’s done, it’ll be in the rearview and you can move on.

A prickly reading this week. It’s not surprising given the time of year. We often begin with great plans, but day-by-day find ourselves sliding into old habits or losing interest. This reading demands we perform a reset. Place your wellbeing first and take the necessary steps to return to an upright Temperance, which in turn will also flip Judgement the right way up.

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