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Tarot for Creatives April 15th to 21st 2024

Hello, Creatives!

Did you feel the shift in energy after last week’s solar eclipse? I was wiped for the day, and in the days after, felt quite sluggish. This is quite typical when such transformative energy comes in. Now that we’ve been through a hot wash and have been spun to drain, we’re hanging out in fresh, clean air, soaking up all that new uplifting energy. This week’s Tarot for Creatives looks at what we’ve made space for, asking; What energy is incoming, How can I best work with it, How will it serve me.

Tarot cards on a black velvet cloth with feathers, crystals and a candle.
The Star, The Chariot, 5 of Pentacles. Deck: Tarot de Carlotydes

The beautiful Star opens our reading, with a message saying ‘Everything’s going to be alright!’. With all the transformative energy that washed over us last week, here we are in the aftermath, finding our feet again. The Star often pops up after an illness to let us know we’re healing nicely. It’s also a reminder to have faith in the Universe and trust that what you need won’t pass you by. Overall, the message here is an uplifting one; healing, peace, and wishes granted! It’s asking us to have faith in what will come, and as we envision and create, to avoid getting tangled up in the ‘how’. Leap ahead, it says. The Universe will provide. Immerse yourself in the uplifting energy of endless possibility and watch how it takes your creativity to the next level!

“If you have willpower, then you can change anything.” - Dalai Lama

Answering how we can best work with The Star, the powerful Chariot thunders in with its energy of willpower and determination. The Star asks for our trust, but the Chariot reminds us that we can’t simply sit back and expect our dreams to fall into our laps. Hold faith, but grasp the reins of your life just as tightly, it says


The Chariot loves logic and organisation, so if creative endeavours are a little fuzzy around the edges, put together a clear plan. As if setting out with your carriage, map your route by setting out achievable steps. Be ruthless. The Chariot has no room for pussyfooting. It calls for decisive thinking and a determination tolerating no delays or detours. Set your course and stick to it. Remember; while you’re putting in all that solid ground work, the Star is working away in the background sending everything you need into your path!

A bright new dawn is coming!

The 5 of Pentacles is a card of challenge, typically related to business/work/financial matters. It appears when something has gone wrong and we’re feeling pretty bruised and fragile over a loss. Appearing after the hopeful Star and the willpower of The Chariot, it indicates a deep healing and progression through any current loss you may be experiencing. You’ve struggled, and may still feel as though you’re on your knees, but the hardest part is over. Work with Chariot energy to forge a new plan. Take all you’ve learned from past experience, and put it to good use.

The 5 of Pentacles is also a hint to reach out for advice or mentorship, so if you’re feeling a little adrift, ask for help. The reins are in your hands. To steer yourself towards the future you desire, you have to take control. With the healing power of The Star, you’ll emerge stronger than before, so accept this lesson from the 5 of Pentacles to ensure stronger footing in the future.

Lots of healing energy this week, but the transformative themes of the eclipse continue to linger, bringing a message of continued change. Leaning into that structured Chariot energy will get us on an even keel again, and although we may still be feeling the loss of the 5, it’s good to know we’re moving out of that challenging period. Have a great week, Creative Souls!


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