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Tarot for Creatives April 22nd to 28th 2024

Hello, Creatives!

We had a rare appearance of sun here at the weekend! I spent Saturday puttering around the garden and marvelling at the bright ball in the sky. At one point, I even had to retreat to the shade!! I also attended a sound healing session at the weekend. It was my first experience of sound healing, and while I absolutely loved it, I was wiped afterwards—for the whole weekend, in fact. It was quite a profound experience which I’m still processing. But in a good way.

No questions for this week’s Tarot for Creatives reading; the cards will tell the story!

Tarot cards on a black cloth with a skull candle, a plant, and crystals
Death, 9 of Wands, Queen of Cups. Deck: Tarot of the Vampires

Death opens our reading this week, bringing in an energy of transformation as one cycle draws to a close and a new one begins. Sometimes, with Death, it’s not a change we’re fully open to; we’d like more time to prepare and brace, we’d like more control, or we’d like to stay right where are, thanks very much. But Death operates at its own mysterious pace, so whether we’re ready or not, the change is coming.

Fear is typically the greatest barrier when it comes to change, so as this transformational energy sweeps in, be honest about what’s holding you back. Is it losing control, fear of the unknown, or moving into a new landscape where it’ll take time to find your bearings? The most inspiring way to deal with Death is to embrace it. Allow change to sweep in. You can handle it—truly. If change leaves you terrified, it’s an indication you’ve placed all your power in something besides yourself. Perhaps it’s time to reclaim your sovereignty?

The Past is a place to learn from, not live in.

The 9 of Wands indicates a setback. We’re almost at the end of a journey, but this last mile is just the longest and hardest of them all, and now something we thought dealt with has reared its unwelcome head again.

Perseverance is the magic word. Take a breath, firm your stance, and deal with the issue, because this time, when it’s done, it’ll be done for good.

Boundaries is another theme of this card, so take a moment to consider if the re-emergence of this issue is due to a gap in your metaphorical fence. This gap may have granted access to an old betrayal that continues to haunt you; a past event that you can’t help dwelling on. If this is the case, it’s time to let that go, and with Death’s transformational energy in the mix, it’s a blaring sign to deal with this issue or it’ll continue to get in the way. Examine what knocks your self-confidence, what causes you to doubt your ability to succeed—even if your determination is solid. Wands are the cards of passion, drive, and creativity, so the 9 indicates a challenge in this area, one that needs defeating in order for progression.

The healing vibes of the Queen of Cups indicates a need for self-care as the challenging energies of Death and the 9 of Wands swirl into our lives this week.

Dealing with change and the thorny issue of the 9 may prove draining, so take time out (preferably in or near water) to recharge. Listen to your body. It may be calling for a certain place, food, or company. The Queen of Cups is highly attuned to her intuition, so even though you might question why you suddenly crave something out of the ordinary, if it feels right, then go with it. With the Queen rounding off the reading, it’s also a positive sign that facing the incoming changes and challenges will place us in a position of security and comfort, in fact, there’s a chance we’ll be far better off than we originally thought. So don’t tell Death to sling its hook. Welcome in the energetic shift, face the challenge of the 9 of Wands, and as you settle into a new energetic space, gift yourself a soothing dose of self-care.

We may have a bumpy beginning to this week, but with the calming energy of the Queen of Cups waiting, it’s good to know there’ll be a positive end—as long as we heed the message of Death and the 9 of Wands. What’s transforming for you? And are you ready to embrace it? Have a transformational week, creative souls!


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