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Tarot for Creatives April 8th to 14th 2024

Hello, Creatives!

With today’s special celestial event, it’s only fitting that this week’s Tarot for Creatives reading examines the theme of transformation. Eclipses symbolise the shadow side and renewal. Today's rare solar eclipse offers us the chance to go within, poke around our darkest corners, haul out that which is not for our better good, and chuck it in the recycle bin. With that spring clean done, we can then create space for transformation by embracing inspiration, healing, and renewal. As this eclipse falls in the Aries New Moon and Mercury retrograde, it delivers an extra punch of energy. But to sum it all up? Expect the unexpected as you welcome in transformation! Easy, right? *laughs hysterically

Tarot cards on a black cloth with rose petals and a candle
Temperance, 9 of Swords Rx, 8 of Cups. Deck: Heaven & Earth Tarot

So, here’s what I’m asking the cards: What no longer serves, How to dismantle it, What form will transformation take.

We open with a Major Arcana. Temperance represents balance, finding that sweet spot where emotion doesn’t overwhelm, head and heart wholly co-operate, and we’re masters of Zen. But how can this no longer be of service to us? When it’s time to shake things up!

Consider first any emotion you may be denying. Perhaps you feel it won’t serve any good to speak your truth, get involved in a dispute, or simply just flip your shit over whatever has been bugging you. But with Temperance representing what no longer serves, the time has come to leap out of that sweet spot. Throw down the cups you’ve been carefully filling over and back. Temperance stands with one foot in water and the other on land, but the time has come for you to pick a side, an emotion, a decision—whatever you’ve been quietly denying—and embrace it. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so get cracking.

How does this mode of calm reflect in your creative ventures? Have you been coasting lately, doing the same ol’ same ol’ because it’s comfortable and it works? What might happen if you stretch beyond your current comfort zone? There’s a lot to consider with this card, so give yourself the deserved time to be brutally honest about where moderatism is holding you back.

Did you know that a Solar Eclipse only occurs during

a New Moon?

It’s not often I get the 9 of Swords in reverse, but with today’s wild energy flipping everything on its head, it’s not a surprise. Upright, the 9 of Swords speaks of anxiety, the torment of crushing worry. Reversed, the swords fall away, ending a mentally challenging situation and delivering sweet, bright hope.

Stepping out of Temperance’s Garden of Zen has gifted you both results and consequences. No longer trapped by the worries of the upright 9, you are now free to move ahead. The landscape might be foreign, but I’ll bet you’ve never felt more alive, curious, and inspired. Where you could only see dark, there’s now light (as reflected by the eclipse!). By shifting out of calm Temperance energy, you’ve shaken things up, and with that will come the mental clarity you sorely need. Face your challenges square on, with logic and steely determination. Enough is enough, this card says. The answers you need, you already possess, but you’ll need to stand firm and use your smarts. When ‘what ifs?’ creep in, slam them aside. No more pussy-footing.

The 8 of Cups brings a message of moving on. With a full moon beating down, the figure leaves behind a stack of cups as they begin a journey. The night may be lit only by the moon, but as the sun rises, the landscape will clear, illuminating everything that’s been waiting for them. The 8 of Cups is all about cutting your losses. Even though it may hurt to cut ties and walk away, the situation you’re leaving is no longer serving your better good. You know it, but it takes courage to leave behind a supposed ‘good thing’.

One symbol I always point out in this particular card is the full moon, which in tarot, always speaks of illusion. That which you’re clinging too, dripping with sentimentality and nostalgia, isn’t as pure as you may believe. The wine in the cups has soured, but perhaps you’ve been drinking it for so long, you’ve taught yourself to tolerate it? This card promises immense emotional transformation. It won’t be an easy departure to make, but next in line is the 9 of Cups, the card of wishes granted, so far better things lie in wait.

A loud and clear call for courage as we move into this new week juiced on eclipse energy. The centred, moderate mindset needs to go. It’s time to get rambunctious and maybe even stir a little trouble. Out of it will come a transformation glittering with hope. We’ll need to be smart, and keep our logic in play, especially when it comes to the departure message of the 8 of Cups. Yes, courage is key. Just remember that what lies ahead will be worth the shake-up! Have a courageous week, creative souls!


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