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Tarot for Creatives. August 14th to 20th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome back to Tarot for Creatives. I took a much needed break and spent the week disconnected from social media and reconnecting with nature. It was great to slow down and take time for myself. I regularly preach about self-care, and got a lot out of heeding my own advice this past week! It’s back to the grindstone today, so here’s a great spread for checking in on a project’s status: What’s Working, What’s Not Working, What Will Assist.

Tarot cards on a black cloth with a plant, candle, crystals and feathers
Princess of Cups, Ace of Wands, 10 of Pentacles: Deck: Heaven & Earth Tarot

Intuition is serving you well right now. With the Princess (Page) of Cups opening our reading this week, it tells us that listening to gut instinct continues to be beneficial. You may be finding yourself in new emotional territory at this time, perhaps opening to a relationship or a situation that will bring lots of joy. Either way, willingly accepting this shift is a good thing, and will boost creative flow. Creativity abounds with this card, so let your imagination run wild. Ignore conventional constraints while creating. You’re beyond such restrictions at this time, so go deep and without hesitation. When intuition nudges you in a certain direction, don’t worry about the why, but trust in the whisper and move ahead with confidence.

“I like to think that we’ve got a plan, so let’s stick to it. That said, once we’re stuck to it, we’re allowed as much improvisation as anyone cares to indulge themselves in, as long as it’s beneficial.” - Guy Ritchie

A new creative venture may be tempting you, but with the Ace of Wands in the What’s Not Working position, it indicates now is not the time to pursue something new. Stick with current projects and see them through. Divert the buzz building over that shiny new thing into what’s already in progress and once the current is complete, there’s nothing stopping you from moving onto the next. Tying in with the new relationship message of the Princess of Cups, the Ace of Wands also speaks of a passionate new beginning, but this one is more fiery in nature, and therefore a greater distraction. Stay focused on the Princess of Cups energy at this time.

The 10 of Pentacles brings a message of financial stability and the mindset of looking ahead. It’s the card of legacy, where our future plays on our minds, and how we can best act now to benefit our future. Look forward to gain a clearer insight of what you want to achieve. Consider your legacy and how you want to be remembered. The 10 of Pentacles also reflects familial stability, and the power behind a unit that supports and loves. Where do you look for support? How does that community reflect your goals and dreams? Harmony is a key word for this card, so for What Will Assist, look to where family/community bring strength and harmony, and how you can ensure it continues into the future.

The overriding message this week is to stay focused on a current project and avoid being tempted away by something new. Examining our hopes for the future will encourage us to stay in the current lane, and will boost motivation. Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

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