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Tarot for Creatives August 22nd to 28th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s the start of a new week here in Creative Soul Tarot HQ, and a busy one lies ahead. On the writing side of things, I’ve a book release coming up, along with the third title of the Turning Moon series coming online in audio. If you’re a bookish person and love paranormal fantasy, you might like to check out my author website to learn more. In tarot news, work is still progressing behind the scenes for the Creative Soul Tarot YouTube channel. A few niggly tech issues are slowing things down, but once the Rogue Assassin book release is done, I’ll have more time to sort out the gremlins.

I’m using a basic yet always enlightening spread for this week’s reading, the good ol’ Traffic Light spread of Stop, Caution, Go. I’ve had a lot of Stop/Slow/Go moments in the last week due to changing mobile providers and ending up with a faulty SIM which has left me with almost zero internet coverage, so this is me trying to see the funny side of a very frustrating situation.

Tarot cards with crystals and a candle
Knave of Swords, Hanged Man, 4 of Wands. Tarot de Carlotydes

A red light for the one card that typically means Go For It! The Knave (Page) of Swords brings restless mental energy, where the urge to start a new project is strong. Although you may feel fired up, bursting with ideas, and confident of success, hit the brakes for now. It doesn’t mean scrapping the project, but putting it on hold. In the Stop position, the gung-ho Knave asks you to tap into your intellect and logic to get a clearer picture of the timing. If you’re collaborating, communicate with your team to get a clearer picture. The Knave carries a youthful energy, one that requires more experience in order to gain more wisdom, so if you feel the need to seek out advice, do.

"Transformation happens on the other side of surrender."

The Hanged Man appears for Caution. A card carrying the theme of suspense, it amplifies the message of the Knave, indicating that no action is the best action right now. Sacrifice is often a theme with this card too, so you may need to consider letting something go in order to proceed. Hang tight, and take note of what unfolds around you. With the excitable energy of the Knave, the drive will be there to push ahead, but the Hanged Man calls for patience.

While the Knave works mainly off intellect and logic, the Hanged Man asks you to tap into your intuition. If you’re feeling a warning poke, heed it. We can’t always see what’s happening in the background, but once it comes to the fore, you’ll gain clearer understanding.

The 4 of Wands, the card of celebration and harmony, lands in the Go position. A card of good news and community, it’s what the Knave and Hanged Man were waiting for. With 4s being cards of structure and foundation, it suggests processes taking place in the background of which you may have no knowledge, but will ultimately benefit you. This is why the Hanged Man asks for you to wait. What may have been sacrificed will prove worth it with the 4 of Wands. Note too, that with the balance of Sword and Wands, there’ll be a more dynamic and creative energy behind you as you proceed. Swords have all the ideas and plans, but Wands bring the ability to manifest them into reality.

For all its simplicity, this spread always gives such an intriguing read. The Knave is one of those cards that embodies the buzz at the start of a new project, so seeing it in the Stop position is kinda frustrating. But with the Hanged Man at this side, it’s a stern message not to proceed just yet, so let’s sit tight. The 4 of Wands indicates an outcome we’ll be celebrating, so I guess patience is key this week!

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