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Tarot for Creatives August 8th to 14th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

This Thursday, August 11th 2022 brings us a Full Moon in Aquarius, and it’s also the fourth and final Supermoon of 2022. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is closer to Earth, and with that silvery planet hovering so close, its energy has a stronger influence. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, expect heightened intuition, an increased flow of ideas, and a stronger desire to create. Blended with the Full Moon energies of illumination (which highlight that which hasn’t been working), there’ll be a greater sense of your inner world, where you may find yourself focusing on how you feel, if your work inspires you, changes you wish to make, and inventive ways to bring about these shifts occupying your thoughts.

This is a great time for creatives in terms of inspiration, but it’s also an opportune period for showcasing your work, so consider an extra push with your marketing tactics, and allow the abundance of inspiration and inventiveness to try something new and different in that area.

This week’s spread taps into the illumination and inspirational energies of the Full Moon asking: What is working, What’s not working, Where can I look for inspiration?

Tarot for Creatives forecast August 8th to 14th 2022
Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, Queen of Cups. Heaven & Earth Tarot

The Wheel of Fortune opens our reading, and in the What is Working position, indicates a fluid mindset, where we’re rolling with the punches and not pushing against the Universe as it sends both positive and challenging aspects our way. The Wheel denotes the cycles of life, of how we move from one phase into the next, and by accepting that ‘this too shall pass’ whether that be good times or bad. Working with this energy encourages bravery, but also asks for fresh thinking. Keep up meeting challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude. Enjoy the highs, give gratitude, and acknowledge your accomplishments, and when the Wheel turns to send obstacles, know that you have the experience and wit to overcome them. The Wheel also indicates good fortune, so expect a sprinkle of good luck this week!

"The measure of a man is what he does with power." - Greek Proverb

The Magician indicates that What’s not Working is perhaps a little sleight of hand, where skulduggery—or plans to be skulduggerous (there’s a new word)—won’t pan out as desired. While The Magician is the card of ‘I create’ there’s a darker side to the energy, where experience and abilities are used against others. Manipulation is the key word here, so consider whether you’re the manipulator or manipulatee (another new word!).

Other aspects of this card to consider, are when there’s a want for success and glory, but there’s no desire to put the work in to achieve it. The person wants to be seen as gifted and accomplished, but wrangles others into doing the grunt work for them, with a plan to swoop in and claim glory at the final stages. Reflect on all these aspects as this week unfolds. It may be your mindset that embraces this skulduggerous energy, or it could be a colleague who’s working against you. Either way, it’s time to kick that crap to the kerb.

The Queen of Cups fits in beautifully with the Full Moon in Aquarius energies. With her intuitive, creative, and emotional vibes, she’s fully behind the Aquarius Full Moon and the opportunity it brings to go within. Carve out quiet time, and gather yourself for a good think. Feel your feels, and acknowledge every emotion that bubbles up. The Magician has upset the balance of the Wheel, and in order to shift out of that bumpy path, have a chat with your inner self and sound out what your heart desires. Take a look at the Full Moon behind the Queen’s head. Its illumination will benefit this situation, indicating the reveal of quite a substantial aspect, one which will likely overcome the tricky energy of the Magician and get you rolling nicely with the Wheel of Fortune again.

Consider water as part of the process when you go within; perhaps a walk by water, a long soak in a hot tub, or a scrub of your home as you reflect on your emotions.

It feels like an emotionally charged week ahead as the Magician challenges our Wheel of Fortune energy. But with the Queen in play, and her call to take a time out to go within, we can re-engage with our hearts and set ourselves straight again.

Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

Deck: Heaven & Earth Tarot (Lo Scarabeo) Jack Sephiroth & Jaymi Elford

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