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Tarot for Creatives February 21st to 27th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Greetings from a cold and blustery Dublin, where Storm Franklin’s wind is pelting us with sideways rain and hail. Not a day for the outdoors!

The theme of this week’s reading is ‘solutions’ with a spread that examines one solution, an alternative, and how to choose between the two.

Tarot for Creatives reading February 21st to 27th 2022
King of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles, Judgement

Discipline comes with the King of Pentacles. This card signifies the power of control and routine, which immediately suggests you may be struggling with disorder. Much like King Midas, the King of Pentacles turns all he touches into gold, meaning you hold the required experience and wisdom to accomplish your goal—and if it hasn’t yet come to fruition, it will. The King completes the suit of Pentacles, indicating final fulfilment of a venture, project, or business deal.

Consider your legacy as you embody the King’s energy. What do you wish send out into the world with this project? How will it benefit others? With this motivation in mind, one final push of ducks into a row is required. Set aside less significant tasks this week, and focus all your attention on rooting yourself into place until this project is completed. Your experience means you have lots of sources from where to draw help or further inspiration.

"Once you stop learning, you start dying."

- Albert Einstein

Another solution to consider brings a second Pentacles card. The 8 of Pentacles reflects a time of learning new skills. Contemplate what has you seeking resolution at the moment. If you feel reliant on others’ expertise, is it feasible for you to learn this skill yourself? The 8 appears when a change is coming; a new beginning in terms of work, education, and financial circumstances. The keyword is apprenticeship, where a concentrated determination will be required to master a new skill. Success will come through your perseverance, especially as it'll be self-driven as opposed to luck or the generosity of others. Change is inevitable with the 8, but it’s a positive change heralding new skills and a different outlook. You’re on the right path. Keep going, hold your focus, and continue to make improvements to ensure you’re the best creative you can be.

Judgement reflects how to choose between the discipline of the King, and the focused learning of the 8. And to get there, this Major Arcana card asks for reflection and honest self-evaluation. Look back on how you made decisions in the past, and the instances when they did and did not serve. Apply that wisdom to your current situation and you’ll get a clearer idea of where you need to be next. Where the 8 of Pentacles brings a message of a new outlook, Judgement delivers similar, but on steroids. This is the card of rebirth. You’ve shed an old skin, absolved yourself of practices or habits that didn’t serve, and now have the space to welcome in better and brighter things. To make your choice, Judgement calls for a time out. Give yourself the space to consider your options, and using both intellect and intuition, you’ll come to the right decision.

Judgement transcends 'success equals money' ideals. It encourages you to look beyond income, to consider instead how your work makes an impact on your community. ‘Doing good’ encourages abundance, so balance how the King of Pentacles versus the 8 of Pentacles will help you to reach these new and rewarding heights.

I haven’t used this spread in a while, and I’d forgotten how pervasive it is when it comes to looking at options. There’s lots to consider between the King and the 8 in this instance, and with Judgement taking the lead on how to choose, it suggests the final decision will have a significant impact.

Whatever path you take this week, I wish you a creative and productive one!


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