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Tarot for Creatives February 28th to March 6th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s the last day of February, so we can officially celebrate the return of Spring this week! Lots of stirring in the land around here with new buds appearing, daffodils already bobbing in the garden, and an increase in bird song. This Wednesday, March 2nd brings us a New Moon in Pisces which is the perfect time to set new creative intentions and goals. As the New Moon approaches, consider the goals you can work towards, and how you can wield your creativity to reach those goals!

Tarot for Creatives February 28th to March 6th 2022
3 of Cups, Knight of Cups, Ace of Pentacles

This week I’m trying another new spread. The Motivation/External Influences/Wisdom spread looks at what has you fired up right now, what may throw up a roadblock, and what wisdom you can draw upon to overcome the challenges.

The 3 of Cups takes us into this new week with its celebratory and creative energy. This is a time of socialising, accomplishment, and having fun. There’s an energy of gratitude and celebration in the air, and with it comes the urge to share with others. Community is the keyword here, but with a focus on creativity, so if you’ve been thinking about a collaboration, the time is right, especially with the New Moon energy on Wednesday which encourages new intention setting.

Have you been looking to expand your creative circle? How would linking in with other creatives boost your work? Consider joint projects, guest blogs, or even just reaching out to congratulate a fellow creator on a recent accomplishment. Connecting with others shouldn’t always have an end goal of getting something back, sometimes its good to send out expectant-free love to the community.

Encouragement is infectious. Those who have it, transmit it to others. Infect someone today.

The passionate and emotional Knight of Cups dances in this week, bringing an extra helping of emotional intensity. With the enjoyment from the 3 of Cups keeping you riding on a high, you may feel a little too giddy as the week progresses, preventing you from accomplishing much. Rather than battling the distraction, consider going with the flow by channelling the energy into something that's creatively different. Some say only dead fish go with the flow, but surfing with the wave can take you on a wild ride too. Listen to your intuition and feel out how you can best work with this passionate energy.

It could also be that others’ emotions take all your energy this week with demands on your time, empathy, and compassion. Give what you can, but don’t pour until your cup is empty. Remember to respect your boundaries or that lively energy of the 3 of Cups will quickly drain.

Don't be too quick to say YES! this week . . .

Here comes the sensible, earthy Ace of Pentacles to impart a little wisdom. It’s telling you to focus on material aspects to balance out the swirling emotion from the Knight of Cups. Ground yourself with matters of finance and business. With the New Moon coming, a plan centring on your finances, home, or career, could be just the ticket to restore balance between heart and head. Watch out for new opportunities relating to these aspects of your life, and because the romantic Knight will hold such an influence during the week, be careful not to allow your heart rule decision making. High on celebration, you may feel invincible and willing to say yes to anything, but Pentacles demand grounded thinking, so be cautious about jumping in too fast.

A week of emotionally led energy ahead. It’s great to see the 3 of Cups and its theme of community and celebration, but the passionate Knight might drive romantic notions a little too far, so don’t forget to aim for balance!

Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

Deck: Samiramay Tarot by Vera Petruk


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