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Tarot for Creatives Jan 8th to 14th 2024

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to 2024 and the first Tarot for Creatives reading for this year! I hope the holiday season was a peaceful one for you, and gave you the chance to rest. Mine was pretty chaotic until the new year, so I took last week to catch my breath and indulge in all the self-care I needed.

Tarot cards on a black cloth with a skull candle and flower petals
Queen of Pentacles, The Star, 3 of Wands. Deck: Rider Smith Waite tarot

To ease into this first reading of 2024, I’m letting the cards tell the story, so no questions this week.

The Queen of Pentacles opens our reading with a wonderful message of nurturing. A shrewd business woman, her appearance indicates a focused and determined start to the year, with all engines firing. Now is the time to get to grips with goal setting, both business and personal. Examine your resources as you lay out the steps, and if you feel the Queen’s energy is lacking in your life, then look to someone who does possess that grounded, trustworthy nature. Balance is another aspect of this card. The Queen excels at crafting a work/life balance, so ensure your goals make space for downtime and self care, along with nurturing the important relationships in your life.

You are filled with sunshine and magic. Play big.

The Universe has your back.

If your 2024 is off to a shaky start, or the last 12 months have left you jaded, then the glorious Star is here to to tell you that everything’s going to be alright. You’ve emerged from the toughest of your trials, and the road ahead is smooth. Practice belief and positivity. Use positive uplifting affirmations during your day. As a ‘wish’ card, The Star also brings the promise of wishes being answered, so fill your cup with all that positive, hopeful energy and allow it to wash away any negativity. Inspiration also flows with this card, so use it to work alongside the Queen of Pentacles as you shape your year ahead. Finally, The Star brings a message of surrender. The Universe has your back, so when you speak your affirmations, send them out knowing the Universe hears and will work its magic to manifest exactly what you need.

The 3 of Wands is a great card for a new year. With its message of expansion, it indicates adventure backed up by lots of forward planning. Although he faces the ocean and the world waiting beyond its horizon, the figure in the card hasn’t yet leapt. He needs to ensure his ducks are in a row first. Think big, but plan wisely, this card tells us. All the wild dreams in the world don’t amount to anything without solid planning. Again, lean into the grounded, practical energy of the Queen of Pentacles, and even if your goals appear unachievable, remember the support of The Star. She’s got your back, and everything’s going to be alright! Be bold, my friends. A new year brings exciting new energy. What form will expansion take for you?

A lovely reading to welcome in the new year! It’s great to see the hopeful, positive energy of The Star, and the nurturing vibes of the Queen. The 3 of Wands is one of my favourite cards, because it too, is brimming with hope and the infinite possibilities waiting. Have an expansive week, creative souls!

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