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Tarot for Creatives January 24th to 30th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

It’s all about change for this week’s #tarotforcreatives reading. What you can change, what you can’t, and what changes you may not see. As we move through the Full Moon to New Moon phase, it’s a great time to turn within. The challenging energy of last week’s 7 of Wands continues to influence us, so snubbing those pesky outside distractions could be beneficial!

Tarot for Creatives Reading January 24th to 30th 2022
7 of Wands, Ace of Cups and 9 of Wands

The 7 of Wands was our Outcome card for last week. It spoke of perseverance in the face of competition. Appearing again, it suggests the energies of these challenges continue to linger. Where are you feeling challenged right now? How much focus have you aimed on your competition? Are you aware you’re dulling your creative shine by comparing yourself to others? There’s a sense of a vicious circle brewing here, and it’s time to break free.

You’re a unique soul. What you bring to the world, no-one else does. Divert your focus and aim it at yourself. If needs be, give social media a break to shift your mindset away from comparison. Create just for yourself. Write the story, paint the image, or craft the items that make your heart pound. Forget about expectation this week, and immerse yourself in you and your creativity.

"Artists give people something they didn't know they were missing." - Daniel Pink

The Ace of Cups brings an apt message for What We Can’t Change. Inspiration, creativity and passion will continue to flow, despite how the challenge of the 7 of Wands might have you worried you’re about to hit a block. Creativity flows, so welcome it in!

When did you last consider a change in direction? If you’ve been following an almost formulaic approach to your creative work, or producing a certain type of content, perhaps it’s time to try something new. This will also help to distract you from that challenging 7 of Wands energy. Aces are new beginnings and opportunities, so you might discover new possibilities this week that help you make that shift. Overall, the Ace is a positive sign for our creative spring, but with a nudge to consider a new direction. Be open to whatever possibilities come your way this week!

Changes we may not be aware of come with the 9 of Wands. Courage and resilience are the keywords here. Stand firm and success will be yours.

Nines bring the near-end of a cycle, so in terms of a creative project, you’re almost there. There may be a speed bump or two in this final mile, but you have the tools and smarts to get through it. The message of the Ace of Cups holds significance here too; when you meet this next challenge, come at it from direction you wouldn’t have considered before. It may not be the solution you need, but fresh thinking will bring a new perspective. With the nine heralding an end, it also encourages us to leave the past behind and keep an open and curious mind for the future.

Have a great week, creative souls!


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