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Tarot for Creatives June 26th to July 2nd 2023

Hello, Creatives!

After last week’s reading featuring three major arcana and their powerful messages, what will this week bring? As we’re in peak summer growth season right now, I’ve chosen a spread to examine progress. It’s the simple You, Your Current Path, Your Potential spread, which is a nifty one for when you need a quick check in. I’m working with the dreamy Förhäxa tarot this week, and loving its fairy vibes.

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with crystals, a candle, and a plant
7 of Air, 6 of Water, Justice. Deck: Förhäxa Tarot

7of Air (Swords) opens our reading this week. With its message of taking advantage, it asks us to examine our mindset at this time. This card typically appears when things aren’t going in the right direction, prompting a lean into sneaky tactics in order to get ahead. While this behaviour can sometimes deliver results, it comes at a price, in most cases, being shut out. Those who were stepped upon will discover the truth and the outcome leaves a brief victory worthless. If nefarious tactics are being contemplated right now, there’s a good chance it will end with regret. Take the harder route, the one that demands integrity, and while the route may be longer, it will be far more rewarding.

There’s also the suggestion of someone taking an unfair advantage against you with this card, so if dastardly deeds aren’t in your game plan, consider who might be weaving a web around you. With Swords representing intellect and communication, it may be someone tangling you in up with words, contracts, or jargon. Stay alert, and don’t be afraid to call them out on their behaviour if you do catch them out. Swords are for cutting, so slice through the skulduggery.

“Having fun is not a diversion from having a successful life; it’s the pathway to it.” - Martha Beck

The 6 of Water (Cups) brings nostalgia and sentiment, but with the wily 7 at its back, it suggests a hint of innocence bordering on naivety. This bolsters the message of the 7, warning of, and against, sneaky tactics, so my first instinct with this card is to warn about staying alert, and not taking people at face value; they may be using your kind nature to pull a fast one on you.

The 6 of Cups also reflects a need to look to the past for inspiration and comfort. When did you last have childlike fun? Could that sense of cutting loose be missing from your creative well at this time? Typically, when this card appears in readings, it’s a call to park adulting for a while to engage in some honest-to-goodness fun. It’s also a nudge to return to people or places that hold comfort and a sense of ‘home’. Inspiration and motivation usually awaits in this space, so if you’ve been creatively stuck lately, this could be the prompt you need to get flowing again.

Either way, appearing in the Current Path position, the 6 of Water indicates a need for two mindsets; being wary of those around you, and taking time to have fun.

Justice appears in the Potential position, telling us that what you put in, you get out. It’s a stark warning for the tricky 7 of Swords, so rest assured, whether it’s you or another hoping to take an unfair advantage, justice will be served.

Overall, Justice is a Karma card, reminding us of ‘you reap what you sow’, so whatever effort you put into creative endeavours this week will be reflected in the outcome. Justice works with facts and logic, so while you may place weight on intentions and emotion, all that matters is what you actually do, and from there, the scales will either tip in or against your favour. Much like last week’s Temperance card, Justice likes balance, so consider how you can balance logic with creative emotion this week, especially with the touchy-feely 6 of Cups in play. Justice asks us to take responsibility for our actions. If you want her ruling in your favour, act accordingly. Even if it’s not the easy path, do the right thing and you’ll emerge smiling!

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