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Tarot for Creatives March 13th to 19th 2023

Hello, Creatives!

Have you been struggling with decision making lately? By request, this week’s Tarot for Creative reading looks at choices on offer when it comes to considering options with the Solution, Alternative Solution, and How to Choose spread.

Tarot cards and crystals on a pink cloth with candles
The Star, The Devil, Ace of Pentacles rx. Deck: Tarot de Carlotydes

The Star represents the first Solution, bringing a message of hope. All will work out. Whatever issue you’ve been struggling with, it’s drawing to a close and peace is on the way. Belief and positivity are the main themes of this card, reminding us to place trust in the universe, but to also keep pushing ahead. Regarded as a ‘wish’ card, when the Star appears, it indicates a goal will be achieved or a wish granted, just keep the faith! So, the message is to keep going, you’re on the right track, and a successful end is around the corner as long as you remain focused and hold faith in your abilities.

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." --Yoda

For an Alternative Solution we have the less positive Devil card appearing. (Taking the appearance of a naughty cat in this deck, which I love). This card pops up when fear is in control. Rather than gather courage and face whatever situation ails, a choice has been made to remain trapped by circumstance. Because of that, the situation further spirals. The Alternative Solution is a tough one to face. The situation you’ve found yourself in is one of your own making. To break free, you’ll need to summon all your courage and smash the chains holding you down. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will it feel as if it’s better to remain oppressed than fight? Likely. But will the freedom restore self-control and return you to the blissful energy of the Star? Totally.

Protect your finances!

So, how to choose between these contrasting cards? The Ace of Pentacles appears, but it’s reversed, which means a shrinking of its normally expansive energy. The message here is to choose a solution that will safeguard your finances and career. You may have to cut back on spending or plans to expand. New ideas might have to be scrapped, and there’s even the risk of a new project falling through entirely. It’s not all bad news, however. Aces are the cards of spark, that initial idea. They’re the thinking phase, so not as advanced as the other cards in the suit. There’s no doubt the reversed Ace suggests an outcome that will likely sting a little, but it’s a loss easily overcome. Consider your solutions and examine which one will allow you to protect your investment. Some aspects may have to be surrendered, but it’s Ace energy, not the fully manifested strength of a Queen or King, so the loss will be minimal.

Such contrasting solutions on offer with this reading! Stick with it and hold the faith, or shake the foundations and surrender to the downfall? Either way you’ll come out on top, so remember that when deciding between the two. One path is most definitely easier than the other, yet the smooth path doesn’t always serve us best. Bear in mind the reversed Ace and accept the limitations it presents, but remember too how the Ace is simply the first step. It’s very easy to start again when only one step has been lost!

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