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Tarot for Creatives March 7th to 13th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to another Tarot for Creatives, where my current stalker has popped up again. The King of Cups has appeared in numerous readings for both me and clients in the last two weeks, and here it is again! I mustn’t be heeding its message . . .

Tarot for Creatives reading March 7th to 13th 2022
King of Cups, The Moon, Queen of Pentacles

I haven’t used the Mind, Body, Spirit spread in a while, so it’s time I gave it a spin. This is one of those multi-functional spreads, where Mind, Body, and Spirit can take on different aspects. Sometimes I read it with the themes of ‘What’s under consideration, What action should be taken, and What emotion drives the situation,’ in other words, what you’re thinking, doing and feeling. Today I’m taking it to a deeper level where Mind looks to logic and reasoning—your rational side. Body denotes what you’re doing, and what action should be taken, while Spirit embodies what you should focus on for growth. If this is a spread you use, and attribute different aspects, I’d love to hear from you!

The King of Cups rules our logic and reasoning with balanced emotions this week. This is an energy of both compassion and control, where we work with our hearts and intellect. In terms of creativity, it brings an ideal state of mind where inspiration strikes, we have the focus to put it into action, and our work flows with ease.

The master of emotion, the King brings a stability you may find others leaning into, craving the comfort of your calm but vibrant creative energy. You’ll feel in control of everything this week; King (or Queen) of your castle. If you do find yourself being challenged, this King recommends wielding maturity. Stick to your emotional boundaries; it’s important to be compassionate with others, but with yourself too.

“Fear is only an illusion. It is the illusion that creates the feeling of separateness – the false sense of isolation that exists only in your imagination.” – Jeraldine Saunders, Writer.

The Moon asks for vigilance. All is not as it seems, and the source of the illusion may be external or internal. Do you project your fears and anxieties onto situations, and tend to jump to the worst case scenario? If so, you’ll need to work hard on flipping that negative thinking into positive. Instead of panicking about what could go wrong, picture everything that will go right.

With The Moon flanked by a King and Queen, you’ll need to look at those around you for clues of external illusions. It’s possible someone is pulling the wool over your eyes. Listen to your intuition this week; on both counts of external and internal influences. Are you overreacting and projecting unnecessary fear onto a situation, and/or who around you is giving off a bad vibe? Trust your gut and keep your eyes open.

Find balance!

The Queen of Pentacles and her down-to-earth, motherly energy offers even more stability. As proficient at home as she is in a business setting, she’s a wonderful balance to the King’s emotional energy. Look to home pursuits this week, and see where you can bring some of that loving, practical Queen energy into play. Enjoy a leisurely meal with your family, make time for self-care, and get out in nature if possible. While the Queen embodies a kick-ass business vibe, she knows how to play too, so look to where these aspects might be out of balance.

If there’s a project coming to a conclusion, the Queen indicates success. Experience and reputation come with this card, along with the prospect of managing others, or even finding a mentor for yourself.

The Moon leaps out the most for me this week, especially as it’s flanked by a King and Queen, so stay sharp as you go about your business. Whatever comes your way, there’s wonderful emotional stability on your side, along with the practicality of the Queen, so you’ll have no problem handling whatever might appear. Have a great week, creative souls!


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