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Tarot for Creatives May 13th to 19th 2024

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome back after a short break for the May bank holiday. We had beautiful weather here at the weekend, but the rain is back today. Gotta love an Irish Summer.

We’re in the waxing crescent moon phase right now, an energy that lends itself to recharging, self-care, and recuperating. For today's Tarot for Creatives, I’m honing in on the theme of recharging, and asking the cards Where is energy waning, How can I recuperate it, How will it benefit?

Tarot cards on a black cloth with a plant and crystals
6 of Earth, 9 of Earth rx, The Lovers. Deck: Forhaxa Tarot

A message of give and take comes with the 6 of Earth. Representing the earthy qualities of Pentacles, the theme here is flow, and in the Energy Waning position, it indicates an imbalance.

Consider how your energy scales hang at this time. Are you giving more than receiving? Or are you more focused on what you can get, without a thought of what you can give back?

In a creative setting, this can manifest in numerous ways; carrying the majority of the load in a collaboration; an absence of inspiration, where you’re in a state of ‘mechanical’ productivity; a refusal to lean into peers or mentors for guidance; or neglecting to nurture those around you by sharing your expertise or maybe even your gifts. Take a moment to reflect and see what resonates.

Often, when there’s an imbalance, we’re not wholly aware, it’s something that has quietly slipped into place. With the waxing crescent phase a time of self-care, the imbalance can be as simple as being overworked, so if your body, mind, or heart, is calling for a timeout, gift yourself that healing. Overall, energy is waning where something is out of balance. To correct it, it must first be identified.

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion." - Simon Sinek

To recuperate the energy lost through misalignment, we have the 9 of Earth reversed. Upright, this card brings a message of self-sufficiency, where we’re enjoying the fruits of our labours and enjoying a well-earned luxury. Reversed, the message is of feeling trapped by circumstance, typically financially. It can indicate overspend, or placing too much weight on material goods, image, and/or wealth.

To get back into alignment, the reversed 9 of Earth calls on us to rein in what we’re spending in terms of energy. Where is overspend taking a toll? Who are you expending energy on—and why? Are you expecting a promised return, or assuming you’re entitled to one? Are you feeling trapped by circumstance and feel the only way out is to work harder? The reversed 9 of Earth calls for retraction. Pull back the energy you’ve been doling out—it’s either unappreciated, or being hoarded without a chance of return. Spend it on yourself instead. With the upright 9 representing growth, you need to return to a state where your efforts bring expansion, not retraction.

The Lovers bring harmonious balance, a blissful union full of honest-to-goodness support and love. Where the 6 of Earth indicated misalignment, the Lovers return us to a state of beautiful harmony.

However, this card isn’t just about love. It also reflects a crossroads, a time when a significant choice must be made. With the imbalance of the 6 and 9, the dial points to creative synergy. By now, you may have identified where balance is skewed. To correct it, you may find yourself making hard choices—but be aware that the best choice is typically not the easiest, so resist taking the smoother path. A significant shift will happen when this decision is made. You’ll be in a far more harmonious flow with your creativity, and more aware when imbalance threatens. The Lovers also indicate moving out of the mechanical productivity mindset. With a return of inspirational bliss, you’ll be inspired to create from the heart once more!

Quite a deep reading this week. The energy around the first two cards is heavy and sticky, so it’s great to see it lifted by the Lovers. After missing most of the beautiful weather this weekend in favour of working, I can see where I’ve allowed imbalance to slip in. . . Where has misalignment crept in for you?


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