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Tarot for Creatives May 29th to June 4th 2023

It’s all about refinement for today’s Tarot for Creatives reading. The moon is currently in the Waxing Gibbous phase, which is a time for polishing processes, nailing focus, and then, celebrating! This week’s spread examines: What is working, What needs attention, What can be released.

Tarot cards on a purple cloth with crystals, flower petals and a plant.
10 of Cups, The Empress, Strength. Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

Peace and familial bliss comes with the 10 of Cups. It’s the card of happy endings, typically reflecting a joyful time. In the What is Working position, it indicates balanced, calm emotions, and an environment that currently has you content. Whether it’s home, work, personal or business relationships, the 10 of Cups indicates a solid grip on work/life balance, that sweet spot which fills you with contentment and packs you off to bed at night with a sense of satisfaction. Good vibes pour from this card. With relationships in a positive place, and emotions steady, inspiration flows. You may even feel more inspired or motivated at present than you have in a while. But as we know, everything moves in cycles, so while you’re in this happy place, work with the positive energy and remember to give gratitude. It’s also worth making note of any proactive steps you took to achieve this balance so you can activate them again in the future when the vibes are less blissful.

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first. It means me too.” - LR Knost

The lush Empress demands attention. Her focus lies on nurturing, and with the happy 10 of Cups already present, she calls on us to continue nurturing all that which brings us abundance. It’s also a message to nurture ourselves, not just others. Our relationship with ourself is the most important one of all, so think about what would bring more abundance to your inner self right now. Even though your work/life balance may be sweet, consider taking a little time for yourself to keep your battery fully charged. With the Empress a powerhouse of creativity, there’s also a message to remain focused on your creative endeavours. Continue to nurture all that is already bearing fruit, and your harvest will be bountiful. Lean into your sensual side. Enjoy good food, intimacy, and beauty. How can you translate this to your creative work? Most of all, continue to acknowledge all that’s good, and give gratitude!

A second major arcana, Strength is the card of grace under pressure, and in the release position, it indicates that you don’t have to shoulder everything alone. With all the familial support indicated by the 10 of Cups, and the nurturing vibes of the Empress, we’re reminded that it’s okay to lean on others. Inner strength is knowing when to go it alone and when to ask for help, and with Strength ruled by Leo, a sign influenced by ego, pride often gets in the way when it comes to reaching out. Whatever situation has you inclined to go at it alone, reconsider your stance. This is one of those times when you don’t have to be stronger than your challenge. The Empress calls for more self-nurturing, and this means allowing others to share the load. Perhaps you need the guidance of a mentor, or simply need a valued opinion on an aspect of your work? Whatever the situation, Strength in the release position is a message that you will succeed, but it would serve you better to share the load.

How is the 10 of Cups showing up for you right now? And do the messages of the Empress and Strength strike a chord? Lots of positive vibes from this week’s reading. It feels like there’s lots of creative energy flowing. Have a wonderful week, creative souls! It’s a bank holiday here in Ireland next Monday, so I’ll be taking a break from the newsletter and reading, but I’ll be back on the 12th!

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