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Tarot for Creatives November 7th to 13th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to a new week and month—and to the Full Moon coming our way tomorrow! I hope you all enjoyed Samhain/Halloween celebrations. With my daughter away at college, it was a quiet house here, with the exception of the hour when it stopped raining and the entire neighbourhood set off every firework and cracker they’d stockpiled. Thankfully, the cats were snug indoors and weren’t bothered by the noise.

Tarot cards and crystals on a cloth with crystal chips
Knight of Swords, 2 of Cups, Ace of Wands. Deck: Samiramay Tarot

I’m using the simple Reflect, Act Upon, Release spread for this week’s reading. The Full Moon is a great time to reflect, and in her fully illuminated state, she also throws light on what we may not be seeing.

The Knight of Swords brings a message of swift action, especially in relation to thinking and communication. How have you been managing communication of late? Are you on the ball with social media, keeping up with emails, and generally kicking ass and taking names with getting your point across? That’s Knight energy for you! Reflect too upon your thought behaviours. Have you been feeling empowered, and making decisions with confidence? Perhaps you’ve been more mentally organised than usual, and finding it easier to focus. This is all the good stuff the Knight of Swords brings.

He can be a bit hasty too, however, so if you’ve been swinging the proverbial sword with a little too much vigour, ask yourself why. While the Knight may not have quite as sharp a tongue as the Queen, he can speak out in the moment and later regret his haste. Think back on your communication and mental energy for the last week. What aspects would you like to maintain, and what needs releasing? If you’ve been a bit too sharp, what instigated it?

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

The 2 of Cups is the card of affinity. It brings unity within relationships, and while it bodes as a positive sign for budding romance, it also indicates a developing connection between creative, inspirational minds.

If you’ve been considering a collaboration, the 2 of Cups is a big YES! An opportunity may present itself this week, offering you the chance to make a connection. Take it! Balance and harmony come with this card, bringing a sense of ‘we’, where both parties work towards a mutually beneficial outcome. With such an aligned and respectful connection, the outcome can only be positive. The 2 of Cups indicates a fruitful and fulfilling partnership, whether it be romantic or business, so keep in mind the Knight’s bravery and courage, and take a leap of faith.

What’s cooking in that creative brain of yours? Something has you fired up and full of inspiration. But with the Ace of Wands appearing in the Release position, the message is to stop thinking and get busy doing!

With all the Knight energy in your communication and thought processes, you’re likely as sharp as a tack right now, making plans, and getting organised. But without actually doing, all that zingy Ace energy goes to waste. Make a move this week; write that first scene, mix those first paint colours, get you and your camera outdoors. Whatever your craft, begin. The Ace of Wands has you fired up nicely, but now it’s time to engage that go-go-go Knight energy and start manifesting your dreams. As the old Irish saying goes: ‘You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind!’

The Knight of Swords certainly rings true for me right now after a week of editing and tending to the boring admin side of my business. The Ace of Wands also reflects the ideas I have brewing for a new book, and how I need to start making notes to clear my cluttered thoughts. How does the reading resonate with you? The 2 of Cups message of a mutually beneficial partnership is a wonderful one to hear. Let me know how the cards play out for you, and where that 2 energy appears.

Have a wonderful week, creative souls!

Deck: Samiramay Tarot by Vera Petruk

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