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Tarot for Creatives Oct 16th to 22nd 2023

Hello, Creatives!

We’re in a Waxing Crescent moon phase right now, a time for hustle and focused effort to manifest goals. How are you progressing? My next book releases on October 31st, and I’m flat out with publishing prep, so I’m hoping to channel all that hustling moon energy! This week’s reading is by request; a spread to deal with pesky procrastination. It ties in nicely with the current energy promoting action. It asks; Where am I procrastinating? Why? How can I shift gear?

Tarot cards on a black cloth with crystals and a candle
10 of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords. Deck: Book of Azathoth Tarot

The blissful 10 of Cups opens our reading. It’s a positive card with a happy-ever-after theme indicating harmony and love. Why would such a happy ideal prompt procrastination? Examine your goals and how they might shift your current living and relationship situations. Are there aspects you’re not ready to change? Or have you suddenly found yourself craving something different? What emotion bubbles up when you consider your happy ever after? Reflect on where it feel positive, and where it weighs you down. Procrastination is often prompted by confusion. If the future forms a vivid picture, but you’re unclear of how to get there, look at how you can break down your goal into easy, achievable steps. While the 10 of Cups is an ideal for most, it can present as a lofty goal at times. Right now, it's laying an obstacle in your path.

“It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sun-shiny day.” Johnny Cash

The Ace of Wands indicates a new creative project. Exciting ideas are brewing, teasing glimpses of a new horizon. It appears an aspect of a goal has shifted, and it may be a shift you weren’t expecting. With it, comes the urge to turn into a new direction. This ties in with the uncertainty behind the 10 of Cups. Should you take this opportunity and move in a new direction, or stay where you are and see your current goal through to its end? Only you can answer that question. But as you contemplate it, listen to the voices pushing for a yes or no. Is fear amongst the chorus, whispering you can’t or shouldn’t? And what does gut instinct say in reply? You can, and you should? With the next card also an Ace, we’re surrounded by exciting opportunity at this time, and it deserves to be fully considered before making a decision.

The Ace of Swords and its Go For It! attitude is the way to move forward. Take a more logical approach to your situation. Wands and Cups carry a lot of emotion and passion, so if you can park their influence for the time being, and hone in on the practical aspects of the opportunities, you’ll gain clearer insight. Cut through the nonsense, including the clutch of fear if it’s holding you back. Once you separate heart and mind, you’ll find the mental clarity you need to shift into a new gear and break free of procrastination.

An abundance of new beginnings and opportunities swirling around this week. It appears they’ll disrupt current plans and leave us faltering over what to do. If we can take a calculated approach as suggested by the Ace of Swords, we should see the road ahead. Have a great week, creative souls! I won't be here next week, but I'll return on the Monday 30th.

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