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Tarot for Creatives October 10th to 16th 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Yesterday, Sunday 9th October, brought us a Full Moon in Aries. Aries is a sign that loves to take initiative. Starting new projects and confidently forging ahead are also Aries traits, so combined with the energetic Full Moon, it may have you giddy to start something new. Aries last showed up six months ago, so with reflection in mind, look back at what you’ve achieved since then, and take a moment to give gratitude for those successes.

Tarot cards with crystals candle and a plant
Queen of Wands, The Hierophant, 5 of Pentacles. Edmund Dulac Tarot

While not the spookiest deck for this Samhain season, the Edmund Dulac tarot gives me Autumn vibes, so it’s my deck of the week for the newsletter and the Daily Draw posts over on Instagram. Next week I’ll be reading with the Murder of Crows deck which is definitely a lot darker!

This week’s reading asks: What energy serves me best right now, Where can I take more initiative, Where should my focus lie?

The Queen of Wands embodies plenty of Aries energy with her exuberance and vitality. Powered by the Aries drive to take initiative, she asks you to embrace your creative passions.

You may feel as if you’re firing on all engines right now. A well of seemingly endless energy has you balancing all areas of your life with ease. There’s a flow, and you’re riding with it! The ‘how’ will sort itself out if you’re at the start of a new project because when the Queen of Wands appears, she wants you to just dive in, to allow inspiration kick things off without delay. Queen energy is wise and experienced; she creates from a solid foundation and draws from a multitude of skills and talents. She also knows how to delegate, so if your drive to create clashes with other responsibilities this week, ask for others to pitch in. When Queen energy flows, grab it with both hands and enjoy the rush!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

The Hierophant strides in next, and with his far more controlled energy, it feels like a complete contradiction to the abandon of the Queen.

Hierophant energy asks for you to colour within the lines. Now is not the time to bust out new moves and throw caution aside. He calls for order and structure. So how do we balance this against the Queen when it comes to taking initiative? This card is about identifying with a process, structure, or group, and leaning into that institution in order to progress. Learning often comes with the Hierophant, so appearing in the Initiative position, it suggests looking into further study within your discipline.

This card isn’t asking that you tug on the Queen’s reins, but instead, to channel that drive into increasing your skills and talents. Look back at your last six months. What skills have you developed, and what needs further mentoring? To get the most of the Queen’s vitality, hone your skills in a structured environment and allow your work to develop to the next level.

The 5 of Pentacles is a tricky card that speaks of personal loss and failure. Drawn for the position of where should focus lie, it’s questioning your relationship with finances and material possessions. How much weight do you give to these aspects in your life? Are they the driving force behind your actions? For many, regardless of our profession, we spend a lot of time obsessing about finances, usually with the concern that we’re lacking. As you work with Queen and Hierophant energy this week, be firm with positive thinking.

If you find yourself sliding into worrying about failure, grind the thoughts into dust by replacing the fear with positive thinking. Instead of ‘What if I don’t earn enough? What if this fails?’ say to yourself, ‘When I earn, and When I succeed, I shall . . . .’ Give yourself a moment to truly feel the emotion behind that success and allow the joy it creates to banish anxiety. If you practice this enough, it’ll soon become second nature and allow you to truly believe you have the ability to manifest the prosperity you desire.

The key to working with this card is to understand that there’s always a way out. You can ask others for help, or go within and listen to your own heart, but the important thing is that you avoid thinking you’ve lost, and have no way out. There’s always hope, and with the skills and wisdom of both the Queen and Hierophant on your side this week, believe you already have the inner strength to stay focused on your ability to manifest.

Some feisty energies coming at us this week. All three cards hold their own unique signature, and even though the 5 is one of the unpopular cards in tarot, we have the Queen and Hierophant taking the wind out of its sails with their wisdom. Look at how the Hierophant has his hand raised towards the 5, as if to say ‘Nope! Not today, buddy! You can feck off with your negative thinking!!' It gave me a laugh. Keep this image in mind if the 5 energy tries to creep in this week!

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