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Tarot for Creatives October 17th to 23rd 2022

Hello, Creatives!

Welcome to a new week. I hope October is treating you kindly so far. The weather has turned much colder here and the leaves are falling fast. The Irish Sea has also grown a bit moodier. As I type, she’s churning up white horses with gusto.

I’m taking a new deck out for a spin this week. Murder of Crows tarot is new to my collection, and a departure from the usual style of deck I go for. It’s got quite a dark and raw vibe to it, so I’m curious to see how we’ll click. As we’re in the thick of October, it fits the season well!

Tarot cards with feathers, crystals, and a plant
Ace of Swords, Knight of Swords, 2 of Wands. Murder of Crows Tarot

This week I’m reading with the Mind, Body, Spirit spread which examines the logic and reasoning of our rational side (mind), what we’re physically doing and/or the action it demands (body), and what we should you focus on for emotional growth (spirit).

The Ace of Swords brings a message of mental breakthrough, an ‘a-ha!’ moment, where clarity strikes and allows us to see the way forward. With Swords the cards of intellect and communication, it’s a great fit for the Mind position.

Fresh, smart thinking comes this week. If you’ve been struggling with a conundrum expect clarification, but note that with this Ace, the swipe of blade can also bring destruction. This is a case of ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg’, so be prepared to let something go in place of finding your way. It may mean having to approach a situation with a different mindset to your usual, or learning alternative ways to communicate your needs and expectations. Aces bring new beginnings, and are positive cards bringing change and opportunity, but as with all Aces, without tangible action, all the smart thinking in the world won’t get you anywhere.

"You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind." - Irish Proverb

We mature to the feisty Knight of Swords for the Body position, and here’s where the Ace energy manifests. You’ll be firing on all engines this week, alert, focused, and ready to go-go-go. There’s little can stand in your way as you charge into action. Be conscious of how you communicate as you do gallop ahead. Not everyone will be on your determined wavelength, and you don’t want to cause disharmony. Be mindful of others as you work; Knight energy can be a little brash at times.

Keep in mind the double-edge of the Ace as you proceed with plans. Balance will be important. With two Swords in a row, don’t forget to check in on your heart’s opinion. Logic is all well and good, but pause to hear what gut instinct has to say too.

Embrace that 2 of Wands planning energy!

The 2 of Wands brings a nice balance for our Swords. Here’s where heart and head work together, and space is made for passion over logic. The 2 of Wands represents progression. This is the card of forward planning. While the Knight likes to just barrel ahead and get stuff done, the 2 asks you to tug on the reins a little, and make a plan for where you’re heading, how you’re going to get there, and what you might face on the way. Knight energy may have you straining against such sensible, boring planning, but it will serve you better in the long run. This is a ‘look before you leap’ card, so take pause for your provisions before you set out for new horizons.

Lots of mental reasoning lies in store this week, along with the energy to dive head-first into whatever needs doing. It’s good to see the softer Wand come into play, even if it is asking for us to cool our jets and make solid plans before galloping ahead. With the Ace and 2, there are vibes of new projects afoot. Driven by Knight energy, it could make for a productive time!

Have a great week, creative souls!

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